Chinese Acrobats

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Chinese Acrobats I chose to do my reflection on my experience seeing the Chinese Acrobats. The Chinese acrobats performed at the World Theater at California State University Monterey Bay. The acrobats were from Peoples Republic of China, and used their skills to engage the audience through talented gymnastics, dance, and martial arts. Each distinctive and special talent offered a very unique outlook of the Chinese culture.
The Peoples Republic of China’s culture is very important to their community and art is taken very seriously. The Martial Artists and Acrobats of Tianjin, was established in 1957 (Qingli, 2016, para 1). The idea came from the combination of the Chinese circus and acrobats that was founded in 1948. This group has over one
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All the entertainers worked well together and were constantly aware of their surroundings and the surroundings of the other acrobats, making sure their pathways were clear, especially when they were executing dangerous stunts. There were 14 different acts throughout the 2-hour performance. The performance followed a story line and offered a reoccurring theme. At the beginning, a woman slowly walked across the stage, she was dressed in traditional Chinese attire and had her face covers with a sequence vail. Then started the introduction scene setting the plot on a dark night. Which was represented by acrobats tumbling and rolling while juggling a long rope with spinning bowls on each end. This illusion was creating stars in the night sky as the main character set out on his voyage. Then transitioned into a man venturing into a desert like scene. To represent the desert, they had large gold sheets that were softy moving to make an illusion on rolling sand dunes. My understanding was, he set out in search of that woman. The middle scenes were acting out obstacles he encountered along his journey. The acrobats acted as frogs that came across the traveler sleeping near a watering hole. This is where the main character transitioned into a juggling act. He started out with only a few balls then shortly after he would add one at a time, ending with juggling seven different …show more content…
They brought a lot of talent and culture to the stage and were very engaging to watch. The seat I had gave me a wonderful perspective, since I was directly middle stage and front row. This made my experience distraction free, therefore, I was able to fully submerge myself into the beautiful culture the Chinese acrobats offered. The personal connection I felt after seeing the Chinese acrobats will be able to help me intellectually understand in the future other theatrical performances, on levels of the actual art form. I will now to be able apply my knowledge of how environment, history, creative thinking, the choreography, moving elements, and means of communication affect a work of art. My favorite act was the Ballet Adagio where they combined ballet, acrobatics and gymnastics. The three ladies executing this part had to rely on the momentum and body weight of the others in order to perform the skills. This was nerve racking and thrilling at the same time. The art of gymnastics and martial arts has always been a part of my childhood. When I was younger my family would take my sisters and I to see the acrobats at the circus. Each time we would go and see a performance I would be enthusiastic about seeing a new stunt that I had not seen before. Every show offered something a little different that would keep us engaged in the performance. The presentation of the Chinese acrobats was very moving and emotional and

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