Soil mechanics

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  • Folkewall Case Study

    Folkewall as Grey Water Treatment for Sustainable Architecture Carla T. Faner (11257806) Architectural Design 4, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Abstract This research study aims to explore the intersection between agriculture and urbanization in order to provide a green and sustainable source of agriculture, water purification, and insulation to architecture. It scrutinizes the technical characteristics of the folkewall to better understand the…

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  • Consequences Of Herbicide Persistence

    An important chemical property of soil that can affect herbicide persistence is pH. Soil composition is a physical factor determined by the relative amounts of sand, silt, and clay in the soil (the soil texture), as well as by the organic-matter content. The types and abundance of soil microorganisms present in the soil make up the microbial aspects of the soil environment. Generally, soils high in clay, organic matter, or both have a greater potential for herbicide…

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  • American Air Pollution

    Often times, when the soil is poisoned by the chemicals through the water, either the plants have a very hard time growing, or they do not grow at all. “In forests, air pollution acidifies soils, depleting important nutrients and reducing the productivity of some forest trees. It adds excess nitrogen, altering nutrient levels and decreasing disease resistance”…

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  • The Importance Of Hemp In Human Health

    Paragraph IIA Thesis: Instead of putting restricted rules on growing hemp, government should legalize the planting of hemp due to its valuable content and it is people’s basic freedom. Instead of restricting the production of hemp, the United States government should legalize the planting of hemp due to its beneficial value to society while fulfilling the natural rights and freedom of America. Hemp planting is currently considered illegal, but due to its value in different field and people’s…

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  • Plant Bed Essay

    He also adds on by stating that “Garden beds improve growing conditions for plants by lifting their roots above the soil”. Providing us with a simple but key explanation of why plants seem to grow faster if planted in garden beds. Hayes says that, “The soil in beds that are raised warms up earlier in the spring and is innovated by certain grasses and by the tree roots”. Recommending several steps to construct a raised garden bed. First…

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  • Home Renovation Essay

    more engaging and personalized approach. Also, do your research in advance because that keeps the designing of your home fun. You do not encounter undesirable surprise that arise later down the road. What research does G.J. Gardner Homes recommend? Soil…

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  • Plant Science Seed Germination Lab Hypothesis

    Plant Science - Seed germination and growth The research question: What is the effect of changing the pH of the soil on the germination and growth of mustard peas? Hypothesis: The greatest number of peas will germinate and will grow the most when the pH is 5 or 7. Theory: Enzymes play a vital role in the cells of plants (especially when growing) and enzymes work best when at their optimum pH value. Moreover, all chemical reactions have an optimum pH at which they work best (Howard and…

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  • The Influence Of Climate Change In Global Climate

    gases. “Soil biological processes have major long-term effects on composition of Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn influences all living things, including soil microorganisms” ( Brady, Weil 2008). Changes in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, temperature, and precipitation amounts and patterns will modify the soil plant system, and influence decomposition rates which will have impacts…

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  • Soil Analysis Lab Report

    Introduction: Soil samples where collected to test at Green River College, King County Washington, Sec 16 T21N R05E, W.M. in the gator pond retention area. Testing was done every half chain, for a distance of 528 feet to the north/south, 16 lines. Plots to the east/west where done until the water no longer flowed into the water shed. Data collected included, amounts of sand silt and clay, the amount of gravel, and dominate and co-dominate species in a 4 foot radius and the density of each plot.…

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  • Beach Berm Analysis

    The beach has three major parts: beach face, berm and back beach. The area above the water, including the intertidal zone, is known as the beach berm. Beach berm can include vegetation, such as trees, shrubs, or grasses. The most familiar characteristic of a beach berm is its type of sand or rock (, 2014). Along the backshore, accumulations of wind-blown sand may form sand dunes, and when these are sufficiently stable they become consolidated by a characteristic dune vegetation, for…

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