Soil mechanics

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  • Oshenite Raw Materials

    MICROBIAL CONTROLLING PERFORMANCE MINERAL a. Raw Material: What are the raw materials that make up the material? How are the raw materials extracted? Oshenite is produced from a renewable marine mineral called “oolitic aragonite”, a form of calcium carbonate sustainably harvested from sea beds in the Bahamas, 65 miles off the Florida coast. “Oolitic aragonite” is from microscopic bio matter such as plankton and algae. It is sourced from a region of the Bahamas basin, 65 miles off the Florida…

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  • The Dust Bowl

    practices, Roosevelt and Congress passed the Soil Conservation Act of 1935 to better outline the farming techniques to prevent a recurrence of the Dust Bowl. Roosevelt also ordered the Civilian Conservation Corps to plant a large belt of over 200 million trees from Canada to Abilene, Texas as a way to break the wind and keep the soil and water in the soil in its place. Not only this, but the Roosevelt administration made an effort to better educate farmers on soil conservation and technique to…

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  • New Pangea Research Paper

    per person in the U.S., according to Many processes used to get rid of trash is to either burn them, dump them in landfills, or ship them somewhere else. If this continues, these ways will contribute to polluting the water, air, and soil. Soon, it will be high-priced and time consuming to clean up all of the consequences of today’s waste management. The materials that are thrown away can be utilized for a benefitting cause. Thus, we have created New Pangea, a city of the future…

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  • Soil Test Lab Report

    The purpose of this lab was to test for which soil type would be best for food production. The tests included Forest Soil, Floodplain Soil, and Garden Soil. We predicted that garden soil will have the best properties for food production because we expected it to have the highest value of nutrients for plants to grow in and a soil composition that is fit for food production (ex. Water Holding, etc). To test our hypothesis, we ran tests measuring Percent Water Content, Organic Material, Nitrates,…

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  • Susan Fenimore Cooper's Essay

    glanced around and found myself walking through the scene one by one. First, was the dirt, the place where every good thing comes from, and the often-unsung hero of nature. I say hero because what happens in nature that does not somehow begin with the soil in that environment? New Brunswick is especially interesting because it is not like everywhere else. The dirt here always has a reddish tint to it and while I am not exactly sure why, I know it has something to do with…

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  • Matthew 13: 1-2 Analysis

    These seeds can bring health and goodness to people that need it. Nowadays farmers use chemicals and GMO’s in our seeds to grow the plants that we eat. Its evil and it’s the first soil that is talked about in the parables. This is something that we all need to change and spread out our good seeds and our faith to change this. The last difference I noticed is that after Jesus had told his parable he came back to shore and in Mark…

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  • Pollinators And Flower Relationships

    Pollinators, flowers, and their relationship play an essential role in ecosystems. Pollinators are responsible for facilitating fertilization in flowering plants, which provides seed production in fruits and vegetables. Pollination is important in agricultural communities with the fertilization of crops. It is estimated that pollinators contribute to the global economy by adding 217 billion dollars from pollinating a vast array of crops (Gallai et al., 2009). The pollinator-flower relationship…

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  • Compare And Contrast Tractor Vs Lawn Tractor

    Gardeners who live in an area with a lot of hills and rough terrain have to work harder to keep their lawn looking great all year long, especially if they have quite a bit of land to take care of. So it is crucial that they have the right equipment to get the job done more efficiently. And the first item to start out with is a garden tractor. What are the Differences Between a Garden Tractor and a Lawn Tractor? Both a garden tractor and a lawn tractor can be used for cutting the grass. But…

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  • The Effect Of Wetness Duration On Infection And Growth

    2.4 Factors that Affect Colletotrichum sp. Infection and Growth Factors that affect Colletotrichum growth and infection include inoculum concentration, wetness duration, temperature, age of plant, resistant plant cultivar, pH, nutrient and light. 2.4.1 Inoculum density One of the main factors that facilitate Colletotrichum sp. infection and growth is inoculum density. Up till now, according to Diéguez-Uribeondo et al. (2011), disease severity increased exponentially with increasing…

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  • Forest Fire Research Paper

    When the organic matter is destroyed it causes the soil structure to break down. The loss of soil structure as well as of protective plant cover leaves the soils vulnerable to erosion. Silt is the most damaging pollutant after a wildfire, silt being carried to nearby rivers, streams and lakes after a heavy rain causes. The water quality is often critically…

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