Soil mechanics

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  • Mudboils In Tully Valley

    Discussion: Mudboils cause structural failures since they are suspensions of gravel, clay, silt and fine sand creating an unstable surface. Since the beginning of persistent mudboil activity in the 1970’s, natural landscapes and engineered features have become subject to land-subsidence as mudoils continually deteriorate the areas in their path (Tresohlavy 2003, pp. 27). Petroleum pipeline rerouting, telephone cable burials, and the collapse of bridges have demonstrated the true capabilities of…

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  • Murray Darling Basin Case Study

    The Murray-Darling Basin is facing many environmental, social and economic factors that affect the life around the basin. The Murray Darling Basin is facing many environmental issues that are caused by humans. The farmers near the MDB use fertilisers that run into the water when it rains and pollutes the water. The pollution from the fertilisers cause algae blooms to form. Another way that humans have affected the environment is through the use of irrigation for crops. The use of irrigation…

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  • Land Surveying Essay

    Land surveying is the technique of determining position of points on the earth and using them to define boundaries and draw maps. It divides the land into parcels by providing correct descriptions, which is then assigned for ownership and other purposes. The original charter group from England brought the “Metes and Bounds” system of describing land or real estate to U.S. where it had been used for many centuries. It was used in the original thirteen colonies that became the United States…

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  • Deforestation Reflection Reflection

    thinks that, at this point, the most suitable countermeasure for deforestation seems to be reforestation. Reforestation will help to rebuild and restore habitats for many wildlife species, stabilize the CO2 cycle, normalize the water cycle, reduce the soil erosion, and increase the CO2 storage capacity of the trees. Philip provides another potential solution. He mentions that another solution is shifting the human beings to a diet plan that is wholesomely based on plants. This will decrease…

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  • Factors Affecting Coffee Production And Productivity In Ethiopia

    Natural factors that affects coffee production There are a number of natural factors that affect coffee production in Ethiopia .Among them ecology such as climate and soil, recurrent drought, desertification and period coffee disease come to the forefront 2.1.1. Ecological factors Ecology of the given environment such as climate and soil and their influence determine the productivity of coffee.(COFFEE GROWING 11). The suitability of a given site for good coffee production is determined by four…

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  • Case Study On Dengue Fever

    Conditions such as uncleared drainage canals and a swampy soil in Kemar’s landscape are favorable to mosquito breeding and habitation. 2. On a broader level, stagnant water, excessive reeds, and extreme heat can also play a role in the increased mosquito breeding. Specifically, tropical regions are typical breeding grounds for mosquitos thanks to acute water presence from rain. 3. Shanae’s illness could be caused by the increasing number of mosquitos she has been exposed to, some of which cary…

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  • De Groote Peel National Park Case Study

    5 Objectives De Groote Peel National Park is a designated site under the Natura 2000 network and part of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (Iran, 1971). Regarding to Annex I (HD), it consists of two “habitat types of community interest”: “degraded raised bogs still capable of regeneration” (type 7120) and “European dry heaths” (type 4030). These habitats are known as Special Areas of Conservation (HD, 1(l)) and therefore subject to conservation measures and a management plan. The Habitats…

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  • The Importance Of Agricultural Water Growth

    Because of the lack of water in arid regions, there is a great need to optimize agricultural water consumption. Thus, water conserving is becoming a decisive consideration for agriculture, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions where water is the main limiting factor for plant growth (Moftah and AL-Humaid 2005). Indeed, plants are prodigal in the water use because only roughly 5% of water uptake is used for its growth and development while the remaining 95% is lost for transpiration (Prakash…

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  • The Positive Consequences Of Hydroponic Food Production

    This is because plants that are being grown with hydroponics don 't touch the soil at all, and a All the nutrients provided to the plants its controlled. aAnother positive outcome of the hydroponics is that this process also reduces the contamination. During what we would call conventional farming, a lots of pesticides, chemicals…

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  • Agroforestry In Latin America

    In the Peruvian Amazon, slash-and-burn methods are utilized to provide nutrients to the soils from the woods’ biomass (Weber et al., 2001, p. 425). The nutrients that accumulate in the soil from this process provide roughly “one to three years of cropping before fields are left fallow or are converted to pasture due to severely degraded soil and low crop yields” (Weber et al., 2001, 425). In trying to provide food and money for their families, the people in the…

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