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  • Effective Reading Proposal

    I have often thought of studying effective reading strategies that would benefit my students with DS. I am familiar with the sight word and phonetic approaches; however, I hope to target my research on a specific method that I can easily implement. This research helped me address my research question: “How can I effectively teach children with DS to read and what method can I employ?” I discovered that I can teach the Oelwein’s “top-down” literacy method that begins with meaningful sight word instruction then progresses to in-context phonics instruction, resulting in the acquisition of literacy skills by students with DS (DSRFCANADA,…

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  • Diverse Classroom Reflection

    This lesson won’t be a game. Partner work is beneficial for young students as long as they follow the class rules of a “turn and talk” activity. The rules in my class for partner work are: turn and look at your partner, listen to their words, when it’s your turn speak so your partner can hear you, turn back to the front of the room, wait quietly for everyone to finish. Keeping your students excited about learning is important. Having fun activities like a relay race or “turn and talk” breaks up…

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  • Sight Word Drills

    The Impact of Sight Word Drills on Reading Fluency for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Jonae Alexander Concordia University A Research Report Presented to The Graduate Program in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Masters in Education Concordia University - Portland January 2015 Review of the Literature This paper focuses on the impact of sight word trials on reading fluency of students with learning disabilities. More specifically, this paper focuses on…

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  • Sight Word Inventory

    Development of Word Recognition Sight Word Inventory To get a better understand of Franklin’s reading level, I administered the ____ Sight Word Inventory (______). This test consists of sight words, or words students can recognize immediately, appropriate for each grade level. Thus, as you continue through the words, they become increasingly difficult. Franklin’s instructional level is at the third-grade level. At his level, he was able sound out the beginning consonant, “r,” for the word…

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  • Sight Word Development Essay

    The first phase of sight word development consists of the pre-alphabetic phase. Ehri (1995) stated that during this phase, "beginners remember how to read words by forming connections between selected visual attributes of words and their pronunciations or meanings and storing these associations in memory" (p. 118). Children at this phase have not advanced any alphabet knowledge. Instead, children can read sight words by memorizing the visual signals around or in the word (Gaskin, Ehri, Cress,…

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  • Teaching Sight Words Through Sign Language Essay

    ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: Teaching Sight Words Through Sign Language The teacher will prepare sight word flash cards with online sign language symbols below each letter in the word on letter size card stock. Students will read the sight word, spell the sight word, read the sight word, sign each letter in the sight word and read the sight word once again. Materials needed are a sight word list from which to generate sight words for learning, prepared sight word flash cards. LEARNING OBJECTIVES The…

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  • What Is A Frightening Story

    bedroom, to place pillows, stuffed animals, and balls underneath my bed sheets to make it look like I was sleeping. As I was returning to the dinner table I started to walk slower and put on a grimacing face, next to wrapping my arms around my stomach in hopes to look as if I’m sick. My grandma said in a sweet caring voice, putting her arm around my shoulder, “oh darling, you don 't look so well.” My mother added with an concerning yet suspicious face, “are you alright?” I replied with, “I…

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  • The Impact Of Ipads On English Language Learners

    THE IMPACT OF IPADS ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS WHO ARE IDENTIFYING AND DEFINING SIGHT WORDS 1. Topic The purpose of this research paper (a) is to examine the effects of how Beginner level English Language Learners best learn high frequency Dolch sight words in terms of identification and application by using an iPad technology, and (b) to evaluate satisfaction and motivation among participants in the use of iPads in the sight word acquisition. The participants will consist of three…

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  • What Words Mean To Me Essay

    Words have a way with me. Some would say I got the expression backwards, but I can’t explain it any other way. Ironic really for a word enthusiast, but the things that mean the most always seem above the words that describe them. A passage leaves a more lasting impression than a piece of art. A novel can strike an awe into me that is bigger, brighter, and more fantastic than the night sky itself. I’m just a word addict in every sense of the term, devouring any book in sight, listening to TED…

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  • Tretheway Metaphors

    The Tretheway poem that I choose was “Theories of Time and Space”. The reason why I choose this poem was because it was the best one I could play around with and connect to the photo of Mrs. Benson diving into the water. I also choose it because the message that I got from it was if you do lose sight of where you are from or who you are that person or place is always still in you. With this I tried to show that in my poem just in a little bit but in a different way. I did this when Mrs. Benson…

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