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  • Role Of Selfishness In Literature

    Selfishness: An Inescapable Plague As humans, we are inconsiderate, egoistic, greedy animals who proceed down the most revolting and corrupt path in order to achieve our desired goals. Gone are our ethical values when our hunger for success and power is unleashed. Unconcerned with the wellbeing of others, our lethal daggers plunge into our vulnerable prey. Why is it that even with many witnesses, no one dares to take a step forward to save the victim? Many may feed you the generic response of “it is a problematic question with an equally challenging answer”. That would be an ambiguous answer to mask the shameful truth. With sordid rawness, we, the human race, are selfishly disgusting. We are unable to face our own selfishness, so instead, we choose to suffocate and hide the reality of its existence. When reading literature, we are exposed to this demoralising flaw within ourselves. In literature, characters mirror our society’s struggle with selfishness. However, the question is to what extent does reading literature shock us out of our own selfishness? How are we, the readers, reminded of our selfishness, and how effectively do we respond? Through the text, the characters evolve by battling an internal or external conflict, and selfishness remains to be a factor in the problem. We read about their egoistic choices, and,…

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  • The Importance Of Selfishness In Literature

    who proceed down the most corrupted path to achieve our goals. Gone are our ethical values when our hunger for success is unleashed. Unconcerned with the wellbeing of others, our lethal daggers plunge into our vulnerable prey. With so many witnesses, why does no one step forward to save the victim? The answer is rather vague, and the ambiguity of the response is meant to mask the shameful reality; we, the human race, are selfishly disgusting. We are unable to face our selfishness, so, instead,…

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  • Selfishness: The Cause Of Human Stereotypes

    intricate topic. We all speak differently, walk differently, and comprehend certain situations differently. We as humans have our clear differences in our behavior and beliefs. However, there are also many similarities in behaviors amongst different humans; many of which can be corrupt. If you don’t believe in my god or oppose my political system, you deserve death. Instead of observing the black and white, the tainted colors of human nature will be recognized in this piece. Humans tend to…

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  • Material Wealth In Finney And Achebe

    in determining our happiness. Similarly, Finney and Achebe depict characters that struggle to come to this realization. They believe that material wealth is the key to life until the greed and selfishness associated with it nearly kills them. They fail to grasp their free will because of the power that material wealth appears to hold. Tom and Jonathan are prideful, but because of the fear and refusal of freedom, they are unable to reach love and happiness. In the beginning, Tom and Jonathan are…

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  • Egocentricity In A Good Man Is Hard To Find And Barn

    only interested in one’s self and represents an entity that contributes excessive opposition to the variety of classes and alienation of others. As individuals turn to the quest for power and prosperity, they lose their own sense of morality and drive against these oppositional components. In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor and “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, the grandmother and Abner Snopes are scrutinized as being castigated for the mendacity of the selfishness that they…

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  • Arguments Against Psychological Egoism

    friend. Both acts stem from a selfish root: the satisfaction of a selfishly formed desire to aid a friend from failure. Altruism matters not, for the act still stems from a desire for a certain commitment to duty, which is self-interested. R: For argument’s sake, I will accept that voluntary action is motivated by an agent’s selfish want. But, this does not mean that the individual is selfish, because “it is the object of a want that determines whether it is selfish or not” (Rachels 234). If…

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  • Essay On Bisclavret And Jealousy In Marie De France

    sympathetic examples of selfish characters and by punishing them for their actions, Marie de France is criticising selfish lovers and suggesting that selfishness and the sanctity of marriage are incompatible with…

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  • Psychological Issues In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

    Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening is primarily about the limitations and struggles of women in the 1800’s, however; it seems conceivable that Edna suffered from psychological issues (Ryan). She had the same limitations and struggles that all women had at the time, but her coping skills seem to be debilitated. It is common knowledge that early childhood experiences shape adult lives. Considering that Edna lost her mother at an early age and was raised solely by a cold and strict father, her…

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  • The Role Of Lakshmi In Sold

    being. Throughout the novel, she controls Lakshmi with horrible, threatening remarks that force Lakshmi to follow her orders. While Lakshmi speaks to another girl in the ‘Happiness House’, the girl tells her, “But the rest—the money from the customers—goes to Mumtaz. Your family will never see one rupee more"(238). The girl is explaining to Lakshmi that the money she earned, was not really going to her family, who are experiencing extreme poverty. This is just one example from the text that…

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  • The Role Of Narcissism In Homosexuality

    Narcissism is defined as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one 's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type (Carlson et al, 2011). People with the traits of a narcissist might consider themselves different or unique as well as superior to or better than others. They uphold this grandiose self-concept both internally, by fantasizing about fame, power or love, and externally, by defending the self against criticism, associating with high-status…

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