The Morality Of Human Nature

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Human Nature

As black and white as society may be, humans are a more intricate topic. We all speak differently, walk differently, and comprehend certain situations differently. We as humans have our clear differences in our behavior and beliefs. However, there are also many similarities in behaviors amongst different humans; many of which can be corrupt. If you don’t believe in my god or oppose my political system, you deserve death. Instead of observing the black and white, the tainted colors of human nature will be recognized in this piece. Humans tend to exploit other humans for self benefit. Also, Selfishness can overrule our ability to think rationally. These statements lead to the true idea. Humans are easily influenced by selfishness
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A boy snatches a womans purse, “I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes,” said the boy.
“Well, you didn’t have to snatch my pocketbook to get some shoes,” said Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones (2). It was quite apparent that the boy had no regard for the woman 's property or money. He really just wanted a pair of shoes. Yet he still chose to resort to thievery and tried to snatch the hand bag. Thievery is people getting what they want with no regard to the victim, moral principles, and legalities. There was no consideration of asking for a loan or even paid work which would’ve been more morally just and rewarding in the long run. People steal because of the feeling of entitlement. They’re confident that an item is better in the hands of their own than the hands of the rightful owner. Not only does exploitation constantly show up in literature, it makes its appearance in today 's society, especially in the capitalistic economy of the United States. Many can argue the existence of “Non-Profit Organizations” and their good natured intentions of benefiting others who need it. However, many more profit driven business strive and survive the competitive market than non-profits. In non-profits there is little to no greed for money. In a profit driven business
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It’s the right thing to do, but it is taught to us. It is taught to us since it’s “good-natured.” It teaches us to stop and think about others wants and needs. Naturally children usually are possessive of toys and are inconsiderate of other children 's interest in the toy. Selfishness can overrule humans ability to think rationally. It bends our priorities and can throw logic out the window. As examined in Alfred Hitchcocks studio system classic, “Rope.” Brandon, cracks under the anxiety of killing his “inferior friend” and confesses, “Remember we said, 'the lives of inferior beings are unimportant '? Remember we 've always said, you and I, that moral concepts of good and evil and right and wrong don 't hold for the intellectually superior. That 's all we 've done.” Brandon took his professor 's teachings and distorted them into reality. Believing the murder was justified by his superiority. Humans can measure their superiority on almost everything; education, health, financial condition, possessions, beliefs. It’s natural for a person to demote others with opposing views and to uphold their own in favor of their benefit. People believe in what they want. As opposed to selfish behavior, many do say a large majority of humans exhibit altruistic behavior. From Lancaster University, Philosophy professor Garrath Williams studied Thomas Hobbes’ beliefs. He summarized his studies, “We are

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