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  • Rupert Murdoch: The Bad Apple Case Study

    Rupert Murdoch: The Bad Apple Organization has a social responsibility to enhance the community in which it operates. The products created by these company can only maintain its competitive advantage if the consumers demand it. Under Rupert Murdoch leadership, key players used unethical behavior in day-to-day business decisions as a result of flowed organizational culture that failed to uphold social responsibility. Different key players who had the power to make decisions that adversely impact innocent people made unethical decisions to further the unspoken mission of greed in order to increase the revenue of Murdoch’s company and their pockets. I believe that the phone hacking was not an action of rogue journalism but instead; a much more systemic action committed by Murdoch and his…

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  • Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

    A timeless challenge for media governance is Media Ownership. Whoever owns the media will be able to govern the media? Or should the media still be unbiased and not submit to the whims of ownership? Shouldn’t the media present and take care of the needs of its consumers? The philosophy that the market will take care of the needs of consumers is just that, a philosophy. Owners of media outlets can and do dictate the content as to not offend advertisers or to promote the company itself. A perfect…

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  • Media Influence On The World

    Media delivers us with news and information not only from our country, but from around the globe. A main section of our news is political. The media delivers us information about everything from political parties, elections, MP’s, to and decisions made. The famous quote by the CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite paints a picture of what the news networks and corporations are there to do; ‘Our job is to only hold up the mirror, to tell the public what is happening.’ But that is only a slim part of…

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  • Operation Mockingbird: The Ethical Role Of The Media

    that if a particular candidate doesn't play by the rules of the media, the press will come after him or her in attempt to destroy their character. Outright lies have been printed, and some retracted, but not without leaving a scar. The media has been corrupted by their ownership, top management and major corporations. Printed and aired news stories are decided against a backdrop of what will benefit the news organization politically, and their bottom line. One presidential candidate in…

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  • The Milly Dowler Scandal

    looked at recent UK governments and considered the relationship between the press and the media during those times including Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, especially where her relationship with Rupert Murdoch is concerned. In fact, Murdoch, a media mogul who controls a large portion of the media sources in both the UK and the USA including the infamous and now out-of-print News of the World newspaper, was accused by former prime minister John Major of trying to force the government, through…

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  • Situational Irony In The Sniper By Liam O Flaherty

    War, a controversial dilemma, can often resolve itself through an orderly fashion, rather than an atrocious disaster. In “The Sniper,” written by Liam O’Flaherty, a Republican soldier who fights for his life against the so-called “Free Staters” in the Irish civil war, comes to suffer from drastic emotional trauma when someone he loves becomes fatally wounded. In Liam O’Flaherty’s story, “The Sniper” uses irony to demonstrate how war reduces human beings to mere objects. Unexpected occurrences…

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  • Heroism In George Mcgovern's Dulce Et Decorum Est

    George S. McGovern once said “I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” McGovern is stating that the “old men”, the government use the young men of a specific country to fight the wars they initiate. War is most of the time seen as a sense of pride and tribute for one’s country, but many don’t realize the savagery battlefields hold. Just like George McGovern, the poet, Wilfred Owen, who was a soldier in World War One and died in that Great War wrote many…

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  • Dulce Et Decorum Poem Analysis

    Throughout history, few conflicts have been that horrific like the First World War. Being one of its combatants, the English poet Wilfred Owen was one of the first to question military propaganda which defended the old Latin proverb: “Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori”; meaning ‘it is sweet and glorious to die for one’s country’. With nothing else than words, he created a distinguished and innovative masterpiece that condemned the grandeur of war by picturing how cruel and deranged the…

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  • War Poet And War Poetry In Dylan Thomas And George Barker's Poetry

    The war poet and war poetry in general were terms used firstly within context of the World War I.. From the beginning of the war times, poetry was written mostly by civilians, not by poets. Such poetry had no established identity. It was later, between 1914 and 1918 when this type of poetry acquired notion of genre, and so-called soldier-poets became a species. Enormous increase in writing poetry related to the war occurred. War poetry became very realistic, describing situation as it was…

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  • Poem Analysis: War Photographer

    The poem ‘War Photographer’ addresses the tragedies that take place at war and the issues in the way the western world perceive the photos that raise awareness to these horrible situations. The strong feelings of frustration, love of his job and suffering are portrayed throughout the poem. The photographer is ‘finally’ alone implying that he is welcoming his solitary connotes that his company was not welcoming. This is most likely due to the fact that the majority of them would be soldiers and…

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