Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • The Grey Wolf History

    History of the Grey Wolf Historically, the range of the grey wolf was spread across the majority of North America but was hunted to extinction in the lower 48 states by 1974. The local extinction was caused by fear and the belief that wolves were causing losses to livestock across the United States. Reintroduction started in Yellowstone in 1995 and 1996 with an initial population of 66 wolves which has grown into a population of 1,000 in 2006. Wolves are social amongst themselves, but typically…

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  • Prairie Dogs Long-Term Reproductive Research

    research of John L. Hoogland, we plan to study black-tailed prairie dogs’ long-term reproductive success. We expect long-term reproductive success will increase as the population of helpers increases. We hope to receive a $12 million grant from the National Science Foundation to complete this extensive research. We will study the black-tailed prairie dog population in an area of approximately 160 kilometers (km) within the Great Plains region of north-central Kansas weekly during breeding season…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Colorado

    I will never forget the day that my parents told me we were moving to Colorado. I had a wide range of emotions towards this, I was both nervous and excited. I can explain it best as the moment before the fall on a roller coaster, the butterflies building up in your stomach as the bottom of the hill is not insight but the ride down is sure to be amazing. Much like roller coasters new experiences have no true end in sight but the journey along the way with all the twists and turns are sure to…

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  • Linda Badham's Theory Of Cloning

    original bodily form. That those who were cremated and their ashes spread in the ocean or on earth would be restored by God’s will. Like most people, I’ve experienced loss of a loved one, my mother who was cremated and her ashes spread in Rocky Mountain National Park, her request while living. Linda Badham’s realistic approach of resurrection and the problems associated with life after death brought about a sense of fear and dread within me. Linda Badham brings to light, how unlikely is it…

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  • Volcanoes Research Paper

    Composite volcanoes are also conspicuous and “disguised” as mountains. Another type of volcano is the shield volcano. They are very large, and can be…

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  • Zonal Ecosystems

    Introduction The term disturbance is often associated with negative connotations. However, ecologically speaking, disturbance is a natural and vital process that can ultimately help facilitate the development of an ecosystem (Attiwill, 1994). In general, disturbance is an event that causes a change in the structure of an ecosystem, resource availability, and/or the physical environment (Turner, 2010). There are also disturbance regimes, which focuses on the temporal and spatial dynamics of…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Thomas Cole's The Oxbow

    The Oxbow is another painting created by Thomas Cole in 1836. While the Distant View of Niagara Falls was mainly influenced by the love for the wild and nature in general, The Oxbow carries quite a different connotation. In the 19th century, the Westward expansion and the new political ideologies played a significant part in the lives of Americans; Cole was not an exception. This piece contains multiple significant details and it is composed by two combined parts. The left represents Cole’s…

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  • Ethnographic Techniques Used In Oral History

    In anthropology, one of the main ethnographic methods used is oral history. This field involves a “tape-recorded historical information obtained in interviews concerning personal experiences and recollections” (Merriam Webster). For this paper, I decided to interview my grandmother Gloria. I was really excited for the interview with my grandmother because she has lived during the time when women’s role in society was extremely strict. About a month ago, I called my grandmother first explaining…

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  • The Importance Of Indigenous Knowledge And Traditional Knowledge

    1.1 Introduction During the past, traditional knowledge has contributed a lot in sustainable practices and living but the knowledge seems to be disappearing at present. This might happened due to either the new generations do not want to accept and apply those knowledge or those knowledge are not transformed to other generations (Parajuli & Das, 2013). 1.2 What is traditional knowledge? There are other names for traditional knowledge such as local knowledge and indigenous…

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  • The Book Of Yaak By Rick Bass Summary

    protected. “The Book of Yaak” is, at its heart one long plea from Bass to help save his home. He puts himself in between the timber companies and the Yaak despite himself. “I am so much like the creatures in this endangered valley, and in all of the Rockies. All I want is a place to hole up and not be seen.” He acknowledges the balance he must strike, the brittleness brought on by activism and the suppleness of “writing pretty about a place –writing out of celebration.” “The Book of Yaak” is…

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