Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • College Admissions Essay: My Experience As A Refuge

    It happened when I was taking a photo of the purple sky and two stretching lakes across the Bonney Pass in the Teton Mountains. I suddenly knew that this wonderful place had transformed me into a better person and a more confident woman. It took some courage to get to that place. Many months before, I had some fear and reluctance when submitting a lengthy application for a counsellor job at the Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Dubois, Wyoming. My stomach had that sinking feeling that I would be…

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  • History Of Mesa Verde National Park

    The land and rock-based history of Mesa Verde National Park represents diversity as much as the cultural history. Mesa Verde is located in Southwestern Colorado which is one of the four states that is included in the Colorado Plateau. It became a national park in 1906 in order to preserve and protect the famous cliff dwellings and artifacts. Beginning back in 550 A.D to 1300 A.D, Ancestral Puebloans came to realize the diversity of Mesa Verde National Park and used its landscape to create and…

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  • Cowboy Wash Essay

    In contrast to the Greek’s wealth of myths but lack of evidence, in Anasazi communities in the American Southwest during the twelfth century CE there is direct evidence of cannibalism, but no myths containing the subject. This may be due to quickly evolving environments and situations as well as possibly feelings of fear associated with these changes. The Ute Lands Archaeological Project excavated three residential pithouses (features 3, 13, and 15) from Cowboy Wash in the Mesa Verde Region from…

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  • Denali National Park Essay

    Denali National Park is best known for its highest peak, Denali, or “the high one”, that reaches 20,320 feet tall. Each summer, tourists flock to the park, jump on tour buses, and cruise along the roads in guided tours to sightsee. Each year, more than 400,000 people visit the park to hike, catch a glimpse of the highest peak, see animals, and much more. In 1917, after many efforts, many headed by naturalist Charles Sheldon, Denali National Park was created. The park holds many wonders, like the…

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  • Mojave Desert And Climate Change Essay

    Climate Change And Its Side Effects In The Mojave Desert When someone thinks about the Mojave Desert, one can imagine sand and Joshua Trees, but no one thinks about the problems that face this land. To make matters worse, this problem faces all of earth. Climate change is a huge problem that not too many people want to face, or admit. There are also others who strongly oppose of this proposal. But whether or not we believe it, it is in fact true, and our earth is slowly dying from it. This…

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  • Mesa Verde National Park

    Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde is a national park everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It 's a site to behold and one full of history and intrigue. For those with a passion for archeology it is a gold mine of interesting ruins, artifacts, and new discoveries to be made. Mesa Verde is a national park as well as a world heritage center. It is managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Within it 's canyon are many ruins including 150 room “cliff palace” as well…

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  • Jane Goodall Chimpanzees

    Jane Goodall’s book takes her readers on a journey through her thirty year study with the chimpanzees of Gombe. Jane Goodall is a renowned primatologist in the field of anthropology, and is specifically known for her study of the chimpanzees. She primarily studied their behavior, but also observed how they used their intelligence and how they lived within their groups. Goodall studied her chimpanzees by idly observing them, and interfered little as possible. Goodall would stay in areas where she…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Persuasive Essay On Zoos

    “Elexis, your birthday is in February, there is no way we can have your party at the zoo.” This line would be repeated throughout my household from the beginning of January until February 20th, ten days after my birthday had already passed. The zoo is a thrilling place for a kid; fantastic animals all around them running and playing, lions roaring and polar bears swimming in the little pools in their enclosures. These are common memories children have when looking back on their trips to the zoo,…

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  • Project Squatch Analysis

    assigning projects to groups today and my group consists of me, Chance, and Reginald. We choose the topic of “Sasquatch Searching” not thinking much about it and once we read the packet, we realized something. We have to go to North Cascades National Park for this project.” You can now see that Mrs. Blackwood, “All the way in Washington! There is no way I am letting you go!” Mrs. Blackwood screeches with authority. “Hold on Jaylene, this might be a good experience for Muhammad, He is a…

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  • The Disappearance Of Mesa Verde

    In the Mesa Verde region in the South Western corner of Colorado, existed a group of people known as the Anasazi, or Puebloans. Mesa Verde was occupied by farmers who lived in cliff dwellings. Due to its high elevation, it was believed that when the surrounding areas were experiencing bad conditions, people would move to Mesa Verde. The Anasazi existed in this region from about 600 AD to 1300 A.D. Between 700 and 850 AD, the population in this region doubled in size. However, just a few hundred…

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