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  • Roles Of Engineers In World War Analysis

    known as the “West Wall”, which protected the German border. They established key bridgeheads during the war at the Ludendorff Bridge at the Battle of Remagen. This paper is going to focus on multiple engineer units, whose skills were necessary for mission success. The Siegfried Line and Ludendorff Bridge were key objectives, which either were seized or defeated to help Allied Forces during World War II. The Engineer’s Role During World War II The Siegfried Line, also known as the West Wall, was a system constructed by the Germans to help protect their border. It stretched from a point of Aachen south and southeast of Rhine along the bank of Rhine to the Swiss border (Beck et al.,1985). Further north of Aachen, the West Wall split into two separate line known as the Scharnhorst Line and the Schill Line. It continued from southeast Rhine through the terrain of Eifel until in split again in the region of Saar. The West Wall was constructed of pillboxes, ten per mile, which were heavily made of concrete and reinforced steel (Beck et al., 1985). Along with the construction of pillboxes, the West Wall also contained natural terrain such as water, forests, and defiles. When open spaces presented themselves, the German constructed “Dragon Teeth”, to protect them from Allied tanks (Beck et al., 1985). The West Wall was considered impregnable. It had more than 3,000 concrete pillboxes, bunkers, and observation points constructed (Pike, 2011). On 11 September…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

    The losses among the Germanic forces is unknown. The three Roman legions suffered the ultimate disgrace of losing their eagle standards. In Rome, the people were stunned and terrified by the defeat. Emperor Augustus, strongly affected, refused to cut his hair or beard and at times would dash his head against a door, crying "Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!" Reprisal campaigns of Roman forces were launched to punish the Germanic tribes, and succeeded in recapturing the lost standards.…

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  • Rhine River Basin

    Global Business Strategy Reflection For the online discussion activity, I was allocated to Team H, with the project topic about the Rhine River Basin - any lessons for the rivers of Asia. My group leader, Jolene Lee, took the initiative to contact us and she quickly allocated us with our roles the following day. Luckily, I was given the role to use googledocs, which I am very comfortable with when it comes to projects. I find my leader’s way of doing things very efficient. I understand that it…

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  • Slavery In Lauren Destefano's 'Wither'

    is spreading to young men who are turning 25 and women who are turning 20. Rhine is a teenage girl who is kidnapped by a scientist named Vaughn, and she’s given to his son as a wife. His son, Linden, has three wives already. Rhine is forced to marry Linden and is trapped within Vaughn’s mansion. Although she is treated to beautiful clothing and delicious foods, she can’t live her own life and she is held captive. Other characters are held captive as well. Gabriel, a servant, doesn’t even…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Forbidden, By Beverly Jenkins

    with many romance novels, throughout the course of the story, the main characters are figures who uphold common gender stereotypes. The heroine, Eddy Carmichael, is an innocent woman who is set up to be independent but ultimately reduced to a damsel in distress. Her love interest, Rhine Fontaine, is a typical male hero. As shown through Eddy and Rhine 's actions and characterization, as well as their eventual courtship, gender norms and stereotypes become clear as the protagonists are reduced to…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte's Perception Of Nationalism

    The years of 1799-1815 were greatly marked in the history of France and Europe. In the midst of tremendous tragedy that followed by concluding of the French revolution, a powerful figure emerged out of the turmoil to take charge of France. Napoleon Bonaparte changed the face of Europe by bringing stability and unity in Europe. Napoleon’s ascent from a simple Corsican soldier to the most powerful man on earth “brought many ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity. Nationalism [the exalting one…

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  • Squirrel Monkey Research Paper

    There are less than 4,000 squirrel monkeys left in the wild forest of Central and South America. In addition, the squirrel monkey is a result of deforestation due to agricultural clearing of land purposes and for the decrease in the amount of tourism development (“Lindbald Expeditions”). Unfortunately, a high amount of squirrel monkeys and other species are lost because of this reason. According to, Cynthia Rhines, squirrel monkeys are the smallest primate family. This is the reason they are…

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  • General Patton Philosophy

    war. Shortly after crossing the Rhine river, Patton delivered a short speech to his men. He reminded them of their own accomplishments saying, "you have taken over 6,400 square miles of territory, seized over 3,000 cities, towns and villages including Trier, Koblenz, Bingen, Worms, Mainz, Kaiserslautern, and Ludwigshafen. You have captured over 140,000 soldiers, killed or wounded an additional 100,000 while eliminating the German 1st and 7th Armies. Using speed and audacity on the ground with…

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  • Hitler's Argumentative Essay

    the power they had lost. From start to finish the war was a battle of strategists. Hitler’s secret weapon is called Watch on the Rhine, it is a strategic move that will confuse the allied forces and give the advantage to the Nazi party. Basically Watch the Rhine is a plan were some Germans that speak English will infiltrate the Allied army by using their uniform, once infiltrated they will spread false rumors, they will capture vital bridges, and kill American caught by surprise. The…

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  • Strategic Planning Vs Organizational Planning

    leader is unsure of what the goal is a trickledown effect will happen therefore leading to mass confusion and a lack of working towards the same mission. A true leader determines what is best for the organization by honing in on a specific goal that represents how an organization is to be viewed, understood, and in some cases profitable. As explained by Anthony Rhine who discusses the decline in non-profit art organizations in comparisons to other non-profits an important piece is having…

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