Five Themes Of Geography Analysis

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The five themes of geography include location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and region. They help answer questions such as where is it located, what it is like, what is the relationship between the humans and the environment, how places connect with one another, why is one similar to the other. In 1984, the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association of American Geographers felt the need to arrange the way geography students learned about areas. Thus, these associations came to establish the five themes of geography. These factors are very beneficial because they provide us with answers for many questions. They help make the understanding of areas effortless and we are able to perceive a general apprehension …show more content…
Germany has a great exporting economy by being the world's third largest. In addition, it is also considered the third most complex economy in the world. Its primary exports are vehicles, vehicle parts, packaged medical substances, air crafts, and finally petroleum gas. In comparison, the primary sources of imports from the country is petroleum gas, crude petroleum, vehicles, vehicle parts, and refined petroleum. Exporting and importing play a major role in the advancing national economies. Exporting and importing are beneficial because they help amplify the global market. While imports benefit the country by helping gain resources that are difficult to obtain in the country. Exports benefit the country by providing jobs and ensuring revenue. However, take note the if a country starts importing more than it is exporting, the country is losing money because it is buying more than what it is earning. Like every other thing we do in the world, it isn't always easy because obstacles get in the way. This abstractions are known as formal and informal trade barriers. Formal trade barriers prevent some exporting with other countries by making it difficult to trade in a foreign market. Informal trade barriers aren't supposed to make trade hard but have the tendency to do so. Other export barriers are known as tariffs, import quotas, and fixed quotas. Tariffs place a take on goods that are imported from another country. Imported quotas limit the number of items a country can bring in. Fixed quotas are similar to imported quotas except for the fact that they place an exact limit on the number of items brought in. Germany exports and imports with countries all around the world. The top five export partners are France, United States, United Kingdom, China, and the Netherlands. This is what composes the movement in the country of

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