Ap Human Geography Term Paper

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Geography is the study of places and relationships between people and their environments. When studying the geography of the world, we look at the lands and features that the Earth provides us with. The big world that we live in is specifically composed of physical, regional, and political geography. Physical Geography is the branch of geography that discusses the environment and the actual components that make up the environment we live in. This branch of geography looks at the natural environment and how the climate, landforms, vegetation, life, and water are produced and how they influence our daily lives. Some of the physical features of our world that this type of geography studies are mountains and volcanoes, rainforests and deserts, …show more content…
Geographers study the characteristics of a particular area, its natural and human elements, and regionalization which discusses the techniques of declining space. A region is defined by physical, human, or functional characteristics. Political Geography is the branch of geography that studies the spatial distribution of the political processes and how they are impacted by a person’s location. Political geographers study the local and national elections, the political structures of areas around the world, and even look at the consequences of the decisions made by the politicians. All three of these forms of geography work together in order to make sure the world stays balanced and keeps going in a positive direction, or figures out what is wrong and tries to fix it. Physical and Regional geography are closely connected because regional geography studies the actual physical characteristics of the world. Regional and Political geography are also closely related because political geographers study the politics according to the location and region that everything is taking place in. As you can see all three forms of geography work together in order to compose the world we have today and will continue to do

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