The Geography Of Bliss : Summary Essay

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The Geography of Bliss: Summary of Chapter 4 (Qatar)

At the very beginning of the chapter, Eric presents Saud bin Mohammed al-Thani, a seikh member of Qatar 's royal family that spent $1.5 billion on art masterpieces in a couple of years. The author wonders if the secret to happiness really is money, so he bought a plane ticket to Qatar 's capital city, Doha, where there are so many rich people. It 's at the beginning that he mentions what he concluded after visiting Qatar: “taxes are good, families are bad”. We can deduce that he 's telling the story not while he 's living it, but after he left it, contrarily to the previous chapters.

The author realizes that the people going in Qatar don 't have cheap tastes, for none of them flew in business class to go in this country. On the plane, he enjoys macadamia nuts and the service of Qatar Airways, but he feels guilty for the less fortunate that live in Qatar in the desert. As he leans to see them, he sees nobody, only desert. He founds surprising that he 's ferried in a BMW to reach the terminal. They are absurdly rich! His first thought when he arrives in the city is that the air is heavy and the heat is intensive.

Eric mentions that “Qatar is a nation built on gas” because their economy is based on it and they have enough natural gas to heat Americans for the next hundred years, even though Qatar is roughly the size of Connecticut.

He shares that Qataris “follow the severe branch of Islam known as Wahhabism” but they are…

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