Research Paper On Saudi Arabia

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Saad AljabburAlsuba
October/ 5/ 2016
My country (Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Arabia officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), and it is an Arab state in Western Asia. We have a large land, which is about 2,150,000 km, and (830,000 sq miles). In fact, Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest state in Asia and second largest state in Arab world. The Saudi Arabia is a basically a monarchical state in south-western Asia, possesses the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. The Saudi Arabia is a place where there are inconceivable deserts and little precipitation. Enormous stores of oil and common gas lie underneath the nation 's surface. Saudi Arabia was a nearly poor country before the disclosure and as well as exportation of an oil, yet since the year of 1950 's wage from oil has made the nation affluent. The religion of Islam created in the seventh century in what is presently Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in the year of 1932 by Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, and it has been governed by his posterity following the time when. Saudi Arabia had an expected populace/population of approximately 28.83 million and a populace thickness of 11.7 persons for every square kilo meter. Around twenty three percent of the populace (adding up to
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Actually, both the men and ladies are not allowed to go to open occasions together and are isolated in the work place. Aside from a couple of significant urban areas and desert springs, the cruel atmosphere truly avoided much settlement of the Arabian Peninsula. Individuals of different cultures have existed in the promontory over a compass of more than five thousand years. However, at last, we can easily say that the Saudi Arabia is one of the rising nations all around the world and shining like

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