The Jihadist Downfall Of Osama Bin Laden

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Management of al-Qaeda beneath the guiding jihadist footsteps of Osama bin Laden has go on to spurring a fear of mapped all around the globe with its very existence. The Islamic extremist organization recognized as al-Qaeda and its leader pull together great efforts in the execution attacks on the United States of America thwarted by only the demise of their head, and yet it gradually rose in power from similar-minded individuals participating with them over the passage of time. It has confronted numerous difficulties with the purpose of remaining strong notwithstanding bin Laden’s death going on to play a significant blow taking it down from its mantle of relevancy from it infamous attacks perpetrated on 9/11 prior to his heir taking this …show more content…
His past influences and contribution in the war steered him into becoming: alienated from the House of Saud and radicalized by the prospect that an American-led coalition coming to oust Saddam Hussein from his occupation of Kuwait in the Gulf War of 1991 would lead to the increased presence and influence of America in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. (Esposito, 2016, pp. 232-233)
Al-Qaeda’ s objectives were propelled by the United States of America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq and military presence in Afghanistan bearing in mind the wars around that time of which solidified Bin Laden’s message onto an ideologically and operational level. Its aftermath developed into a turning point that has cultivated much pent-up antagonism to serve as the basis in driving this global Islamist terrorist movement. Ultimately, Osama Bin Landen’s passing at the hands of U.S. special operations forces ensued more than nine years after the notorious event of 9/11 had brought this organization down to its knees, but the system of extremist groups poses a significant threat throughout the
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Any form of pending will only be the result of America halt from its supposed endeavors to take control of the Islamic or Muslim world such as its hold on its most valuable natural resources of oil and natural gas fields. For instance, it was directly associated with having committed, “a series of acts of terrorism: the truck bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania On August 7, 1997, that killed 236 people…followed by a suicide bombing attack against the USS Cole that killed seventeen American soldiers” (Esposito, 2016, p. 233). It should also be taken into account that al-Qaeda has been the main stimulation and funder of terrorist groups assumed in the bombings of the World Trade Center and Saudi cities of Riyadh, massacre of eighteen American soldiers in Somalia to fifty-eight tourists in Egypt, threatened attacks against Americans remaining on Saudi soil, and guaranteed retaliation for cruise missile attacks across many countries. Ultimately, its perseverance and adaptation is the consequence of its tremendously speckled presence in cells around the planet makes it something that continue being the worst threat to global security in this

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