Napoleon Bonaparte's Perception Of Nationalism

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The years of 1799-1815 were greatly marked in the history of France and Europe. In the midst of tremendous tragedy that followed by concluding of the French revolution, a powerful figure emerged out of the turmoil to take charge of France. Napoleon Bonaparte changed the face of Europe by bringing stability and unity in Europe. Napoleon’s ascent from a simple Corsican soldier to the most powerful man on earth “brought many ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity. Nationalism [the exalting one nation above all others and placing emphasis on its culture as opposed to those of other nations] spread through France as Napoleon rose to power. The implementation of the Napoleonic Code, many Napoleonic wars and the Confederation of rhine, had linked many perception of nationalism in positive and negative ways. The duration of the Napoleonic rule rose many positive …show more content…
However, the Code declared that women were still subject to the “control of their father or husband, and they were not allowed to engage in any exchange of “immovable” property without the particular man’s consent.” The Napoleonic Code had become the “norms of Europe by 1814, and had brought great changes in the society,”. It brought an end to inequality of the old feudal system. On the other hand, “many of

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