Religion in Egypt

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  • Protest Against Morsi

    this gave Morsi the power to pass any law, or deny any other idea which isn’t in line with his goal of making Egypt and Islamic State. With garbage piling up on the streets and poverty reaching over 26 percent, those who put their faith in Morsi following their protests against Mubarak slowly began pouring back into Tahrir Square to protest what they saw as the newest dictator in Egypt. Morsi, learning from the past revolution, saw the protesters as a threat, and sought to quell the movement…

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  • Structural And Personal Violence In Galtung Violence, Peace, And Peace?

    anytime and no one pays attention to this growing problem. Since the revolution, cases of sexual harassment in Cairo reached 364 cases, 30.56 percent cases of sexual harassment in 2014 (, 2015). The case of sexual harassment in Egypt is related to how these women are influenced by what they are exposed to. Galtung refuses the idea to view violence as the intentional harm done by an actor (object) to someone else (subject). However, he notes “Violence is present when human…

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  • Ancient Egypt Case Study

    Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years. Egypt is undergoing rapid changes politically, economically and their military is using more force now than before leaving many Egyptians to rely on their religious beliefs to comfort them. Egypt’s uncertainty under the new leader have made decision making more difficult, social divides are more intense, economic hardships have increased, and the country is facing security issues as well such as…

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  • King Tutankhaman's Death Theory

    theories are the theory of Aye, the theory of Horemheb, and the theory of natural death. During the reign of Amenhotep IV (also known as Akhenaton), Egypt was catastrophic. The change of religion brought great distrust between the king and the people. After the death of Akhenaton, his son King Tut became the king of Egypt at the age of 9. The people of Egypt were still furious at the dynasty when Tut became king. Under the…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Awareness In The United States

    A group or society’s beliefs, customs, art, and religion are a few variables that define its culture. Today’s vast exposure to technology coupled with the availability of international travel, cultural awareness is essential to facilitate a level of understanding, and one day possibly acceptance. As citizens of the United States of America it is extremely important to remain open-minded and cognizant as culture continues to expand across the nation. Commonly referred to as the melting pot of…

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  • Egyptian Pound Analysis

    currency of Egypt. The currency code for Pounds is EGP, and the currency symbol is £. Recently As of December 5th one USD equals 18.1 EGP. Egypt 's central bank floated the pound in an attempt to stabilize its economy, which has been hampered by a shortage of dollars. Inflation: 11.00% Coins: Freq Used: £1, Pt1, Pt5, Pt10, Pt20, Pt25, Pt50 Banknotes: Freq Used: £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200 ( Egyptian Pound rates, news, and tools) Language and Religion: The official language of Egypt is Arabic.…

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  • Muslim Brotherhood Influence

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a Religious Non Government Organization that operates in Egypt who have developed their political ideology through competing in a previously secular political space. The Muslim Brotherhood fill the void in Egyptian Governments social programs through supplying aid to underdeveloped parts of Egypt in the form of education, medical aid, and acts of charity & welfare on behalf of the community, however their work is self motivated as it seeks to both spread the word of…

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  • Collective Violence In Ancient Egypt

    Egypt has an expansive, colorful, and intriguing history by any metric but this is especially true of its history of collective violence. Egypt has played an important role in history starting back in ancient times with a mighty empire and lasting all the way to the present day with a current propensity towards military authoritarian rule. As with any country, especially one that’s been around in one form or another for so long, there have been many periods of turmoil and violence along the way…

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  • Film Analysis: The Yacoubian Building

    The “Yacoubian Building” revolves around the lives of tenants who face misfortune after misfortune. The film examines the worst of Egypt. The decline of Egypt mirrors that of the tenants, ending up in a storm of hate, drunkenness and subjugation. The tenants’ problems seem to revolve around the misuse of religion. The film warns Egyptians, how religion is more than just a nametag and how misguided and corruptible people are without it. A major issue in Egyptian society is the representation and…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Culture

    it was taken control by the Muslims and Christians who spread their religion and culture preventing the Egyptians to go back to their roots and relive the past. The culture soon diminished but revived by the intervention of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was a shrewd man as he decided to invade Egypt to gain access to The Nile River in order to launch a surprise attack against the British. He sends a squadron of scholars to Egypt as he believed that in order to take a country, one must know…

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