Ancient Egypt Case Study

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Ancient Egypt stood as one of the world’s most advanced civilizations for nearly 3,000 years. Egypt is undergoing rapid changes politically, economically and their military is using more force now than before leaving many Egyptians to rely on their religious beliefs to comfort them. Egypt’s uncertainty under the new leader have made decision making more difficult, social divides are more intense, economic hardships have increased, and the country is facing security issues as well such as terrorisms. The Egyptian army relieved President Hosni Mubarak of his command in February 2011. Egypt fail under a new command after the relief of President Mubarak but soon found the new president Mohamed Morsi tactics to be unlawful. After being …show more content…
Cairo is the center of Egypt’s culture and politics it is located near the Pyramids of Giza where protest and civil unrest protest began in late January 2011. Most of the population of Egypt has the same religious background. Over 90 percent of Egypt are Arabic-speaking Sunni Muslims. There is about a 6 percent of the population that are Christians, who are different in other respects from the Muslims. Although there are many different religions practiced in Egypt the core beliefs of Islam. There have been debates over what role the women can play in the Islamic culture, largely who will be a teacher of religion to women and girls. One great difference between Egypt and other countries is that Egyptians believe that the land is tied to their personal salvation. The Egyptians have a deep fear of dying outside the borders of their county those who serve their country in the military and those who travel for a living. Egyptians believe the Nile River Delta is the only area sanctified by the Gods for the re-birth of the soul in the afterlife. The lower class Egyptians homes were built of mud bricks baked in the sun. The upper class Egyptians homes were thicker and built with a double layer of brick while the lower class was only one brick wide. The wood for Egyptians homes was scarce and was only used for doors and windows sills, but only in the wealthier homes. The Egyptians believe that joy and happiness is a goal in life and regards home and family as a major source of delight. This belief allows the women of Egypt to enjoy higher statues in Egypt than in many other cultures of the world. The men of Egypt are head of the house hold but the women were head of the home. The Women of Egypt raise the children of both sex boy and girl until the boy was old enough to learn what his father’s was around the age four to five. The young girls remained with their

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