Polytheism: The Beliefs Of Religion In Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, religion seemed unlike anything from today. During the ancient times, the Egyptian’s held multiple beliefs in different gods that they could choose to follow. They believed in gods like the almighty Ra, who they believed to be the sun-god. They considered Osiris to be the father of all gods or the god of the underworld and the afterlife. The Egyptians performed religious practices every day throughout the course of their lives. It was common for them to perform rituals for these gods including burial rituals and ceremonies involving animals. Egyptian religion stood as a unique belief system that shaped the way Egyptians lived their day to day lives and impacted the rituals they performed. The belief in or the worship of more than one god is known as Polytheism. Polytheism played out to be the …show more content…
This had a magnificent effect on their day to day lives. The ancient polytheistic religion of the Egyptians could be described as an entirely different phenomena compared to modern day religion. The common public were not allowed to take part in the rituals because they did not identify as the correct class. Only a person ordained into the priestly class could participate in the religious rituals. This class held many rules and requirements for its participants and breaking the strict religious rules led to a bitter end. The consideration of the afterlife transpired every day for many ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians believed the afterlife existed as actual extension of life that mirrored real life. In order to have a good eternal life in the afterworld, the individual would refrain from doing bad things or making poor choices (Daily Life Of…). A person who committed no good deeds supposedly earned another life in the afterlife as long as he or she did not commit evil. The simplest explanation for their daily choices related back to their beliefs on how behavior impacted the

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