Regressive tax

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  • The Importance Of Meme Targeting

    it because they have been impaired do to physical or mental trauma and physically cannot support themselves, which can be understandable, but how can they be offended if they do not contribute to providing this type of service to another person. For tax payers that work regularly and don’t receive those types of assistance might get offended not so much for the idea that there are people, who are impaired and absolutely need it to sustain their living environment, but for the idea of the people…

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  • The IRS Scandal

    particular, is enough to raise a few hairs on your neck. That is the Internal Revenue Service scandal. Caution, if you value your right to privacy, read on. What was the IRS Scandal? The IRS scandal targeted conservative groups who were applying for tax exempt status. Many of these groups…

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  • US Taxation System

    Understanding the US taxation system The US tax system is setup on both the federal and the state level. There are several taxes which the people of US have to face they are income tax, capital gains, sales tax. The federal tax and the state tax are two different taxation systems, where the state tax has other divisions too under the various states payment system. Each state has its own taxation system which is different from the other states and the state does not interferes in the taxation…

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  • Retirement Analysis

    Retirement Analysis Article 1 The issue of income tax planning has long been a problem for many Americans and more so for retirees. After working for a major part of their lives, prospective retirees would like to ensure that they get the most out of every dollar they saved for their retirement. In her article “Retirement Relocation: State Taxes Matter More Than You Might Think” Rebecca Barsch observes that states with minimal or no income taxes are proving to be popular destinations for many…

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  • The Importance Of Multistate Taxation

    of sales and use tax. After defining the purpose and background information of sales and use tax, it will set up a course to explain nexus and the relationship with multistate taxation. Corporations have to must face apportionment to determine the value of state tax for each state. Some corporations produce enormous sums of interest income, which may be taxed. Planning for multistate taxation can benefit for the taxpayer payer but not for the government due to the lowered state tax burden. The…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Generation Skipping Trust

    A Generation Skipping Trust (GST), also known as a dynasty trust, allows the grantor to transfer a significant amount of assets to beneficiaries, in skipping a generation, are typically their grandchildren who receive the benefit of the “gift” as tax-free. In acquiring a dynasty trust, it is mainly to aid in the future generations besides one’s direct descendents. As this type of trust “does not have a defined termination date or event”, it has the ability to pass down through many generations.…

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  • Summary Tax The Rich

    the question of how much of the tax burden should fall on the rich. This question has many important facets from what loopholes exist in the complex US tax system to arguments about top marginal rates and whether rates on various types of incomes and profits should be raised or lowered to the debates on how tax policy should be shaped to deal with the concerns about rising income inequality. Much of this…

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  • Personal Tax Planning

    Most of us dread doing our taxes, whether for our personal finances, our business, or the few dollars our child made flipping hamburgers last summer. Although filing a tax return is generally a once-a-year event, the activities that result in the final amounts reported occur all year long. That’s why the professionals at CK & Co offer year round service and planning. Why Choose a Certified Public Accountant CPAs devote years of study obtaining their degrees in subjects such as business…

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  • Case Study Paul Dulderon's Retirement Plan

    this will provide the maximum amount of income tax deferral and flexibility in distribution but lead to no additional restrictions on the use of the funds. This will also avoid the high income tax rate imposed on trust. III. STATEMENT OF FACTS Paul Dutton currently holds a 401(k) retirement plan provided by this employer, Acme Auto Parts, Inc. The value of the plan is currently $2,400,000 and all contributions to the plan have been made with pre-tax income. He has currently designated Erika…

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  • Much To Love And Hate Analysis

    and Hate, in a VAT, that the American tax system is clearly inefficient and inhibits the economy’s ability to reach its full potential. Taxing consumption is better than taxing income, and a value-added tax does exactly that. The value added tax system (VAT) is a form of consumption tax. In short the VAT is attached to each stage of a product’s sale price. Thus, when a product or service is acquired a value tax is added to the transaction. The value added tax system obtains its revenue from the…

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