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  • The Sled Dog In Mark Twain's Call Of The Wild

    The book “Call of the Wild”, in my opinion, was an outstanding book so far. This book is about a dog named Buck who gets kidnapped from the Sun kissed Santa Clara Valley way back in fall of 1897, consequently taken to the Klondike Gold Rush. Here Buck has been sold around to be a sled dog. Buck is sold to two men named Perrault and Francois. These two men are heading towards Dawson ( a city rich in yellow metal) with a sled team of dogs. Buck was a sled dog. As you know it takes more than one…

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  • Dog Park Costs

    Dog Parks: Worth the Costs? Dogs need exercise to remain mentally and physically healthy. According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), dogs that don't get enough exercise or social interaction can become unruly animals - barking at and attacking dogs or people, and destroying things at home. For the sake of both dogs and people, the city of Muscatine, Iowa is considering the possibility of building a dog park. By building a dog park, dog owners would…

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  • Attack Of The Man Eaters Analysis

    The first article is Attack of the Man Eaters and it mainly about Colonel Paterson and is was written by Lauren Tarshis. The second article about is Lion Whisperer and mainly about Kevin Richardson and written by Susan Orlean. Keven Richardson runs a sanctuary for lions for newborn animals they live in captivity, he raised two of his favorite lions. They are his best friends he loves saving animals he takes them to the park and feeds them, he cuddles with them. When the two lions see him,…

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  • Canine Commander Professional Dog Training

    A happy dog is a well-trained, well-mannered member of the family and the community. Just as with children, dogs require structure and training in order to function and fit in with their humans. Training is not only beneficial to the dog but those involved in its life. Dogs will do anything to please their owners and frequently get overly excited and unruly. The time to start training your pet is the moment you bring it into the home, despite its age. Even the tiny pup can learn basic…

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  • Survival In The Call Of The Wild

    survive through the harshest of winters, he wasn’t fit to survive. In the novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London, One of the main characters is a saint bernard scotch-shepherd called Buck, he is a domesticated, loyal companion that becomes a wild wolf-dog. London uses the Yukon Gold Rush as the setting in the adventure story that brings man and dog closer than pulls than apart in the Yukon while trying to be fit to survive. The theme of the survival of the fittest is expressed many times by…

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  • Balto My Hero

    My hero is a dog named Balto. He is my hero because he was brave, smart, courageous and never lost hope even when things seemed impossible. Some people might be surprised when I say that a dog is my hero, but it is true. And in my mind he was just as or even more of a hero than a person. In 1925 there was a deadly Virus going around that was attacking children. The only place that had the medicine to cure this virus was nearly 1000 miles away from where the virus was. (nome alaska) The…

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  • The Joys Of Dog Boarding Home

    When it comes to dog boarding we get an uneasy feeling about it because our dogs are like family. They are our babies and we want what's best for them. If we have to go on vacation or a business trip without them then there are questions we need to ask ourselves. Will my dog be comfortable during his/her stay? Will my dog be happy? Is the boarding facility warm? Will my dog sleep in a bed not on cement? Your best bet is to start by looking for dog boarding facilities in your area. Research…

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  • Explain Why People Should Train Dogs To Help Disabled People

    I think people should train dogs to be helpful and be of service. Dogs can help disabled people, help find missing bodies and be companions to shut-ins. Dogs are animals that can not only be used as pets but also can be trained to help people in needy situations. This is why I think dogs should be trained to help people. The first reason dogs need to be trained is help people who are in need some type of assistance. Disabled people who are blind, has a seizure disorder, mental illness,…

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  • Informative Essay About Dogs

    Just in America, approximately 42.5 million households own at least one dog. It is no surprise dogs are so popular. Dogs are loved by people, and dogs show that love in return. Some people may like dogs because of the breed, or maybe have a job for them to do, but others might simply like a dog’s personality! There are many types of dog breeds, and all of them have different skills. Some dogs may have a good nose, and other dogs may be fantastic listeners. Dog breeds don’t just have good…

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  • Persuasive Essay About A Dog

    For quite some time, people have been saying, “A dog is a man's best friend.” My question is, why can't a dog be mine? Dogs are loyal, fun to play with, and just overall great pets! A dog would teach me responsibility, adopting one would save its life, and it would give me something to do besides being on my phone all the time, like people say teens normally are. This is why I think I should adopt a dog. The first reason I think we should get a dog is because it would teach me responsibility.…

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