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  • Civil Disobedience: The Power Of The Powerless

    “The power of the powerless,” is how former president of Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel, described civil disobedience—he was not wrong. This description holds true to the history of the United States of America and in retrospect, the history of the world. Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, José Bové, Henry David Thoreau, and Tommie Smith are only a few of the countless people who suffered the consequences of civil disobedience to change society for the better. As it has been mirrored through the previous…

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  • Atticus Finch Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

    In the ____ novel written by Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the most notable themes presented by the author is courage; which is shown through one of the main characters, Atticus Finch.The novel concentrates on the Finch family and the circumstances that Atticus and his two children face over a time frame of three years. He was one of the most prestigious lawyers in the small town of Maycomb,during the Depression Era,where racial segregation led to the incarceration of an…

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  • Parenting Styles

    the goal is to raise a well-behaved, socially conscious child via the use of punishment. These actions by the adult can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Some parents believe the authoritarian to be an effective style because ruling with an iron fist is the best way to keep their children in line. However, they are unaware that the punishment system set in place is detrimental to the development of a child’s amygdala and hippocampus. The amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for…

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  • Asha Piercing: A Short Story

    passing by her in the street, but it didn't stop. Her hand fell to her side as she received a voicemail, and she dropped all of the coolness she had left and started to run. There was blood all over her New Netstar dress. She whined and banged her fist into the side of Romona's Bed and Breakfast but no one took notice of her. She hoped her assailants arm was still stinging like a bitch. She knew it wasn't, because the bees had knocked him out, but she hoped it would still hurt once he woke up.…

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  • Creative Writing: Invasion Of The Ugly Ogres

    marched out from behind the trees and circled us. I raised my sword and lunged at the gigantic beasts. “Get ‘em, Aiden,” Cotton cried. “Send them home with new hairdos.” The monsters screamed and stepped aside. I landed in a…

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  • Langston Hughes: Harlem Renaissance

    condemned racism and injustice, and celebrated African American culture, humor, and spirituality. Langston Hughes humble beginnings played a huge role on his poetic work throughout his life. He parents separated at an early age and he was primarily raised by his grandmother. His father moved to Mexico and him and his mother for extensive periods of time due searching for work. His mother remarried and he went to live with her and his stepfather in Illinois. They eventually settled in Ohio.…

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  • Native American Culture In The Shawl

    Thomas parents died while he was young in a fire from which he was saved by Victor’s father. Later on after the tragedy, Victor walks out on his family, and both end up being raised without father figures. The two men don’t get along well as both have a different view on victors father. Victor remembers an alcoholic who never had time for his family while Thomas remembers a great man who saved his life. Victor is also portrayed…

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  • Victims Of Abuse In Reoved, By Nathanael Matanick

    order to protect their children from what may happen to them if they leave the situation with or without the children. ReMoved is a two-part short film video put together by Nathanael Matanick it follows the life of a young girl called Zoe who is raised in an abusive family and eventually taken away from her parents and then separated from her younger brother. The short films are meant to bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster children. Yet…

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  • The Theme Of Courage In Khaled Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner'

    The text states, “Assef raised his fist and came for me (...) out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hassan bend down and stand up quickly. (...) Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef’s face.” (42). In this scene, Assef threatens Amir for always playing with Hassan, who is…

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  • Fall Dance Concert Report

    sunset, a girl joins and rose like a puppet. They fell down then laid back down before getting up slowly. Other girls joined to help get up and give hugs. An angel helped a girl then 3 zombies came to the angel girl. Finally, by the time the lady raised both hands up, the lady signed Jesus’ name in American Sign Language before raising her hands up…

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