Profit maximization

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  • C6 Return On Investment

    Return on Investment (ROI) This KPI measures how much revenue a C6 marketing campaign is generating compared to the cost of running that campaign. In other words, ROI answers these fundamental C6 questions, "Are we recouping what we spend on marketing in new sales?”. C6 can track ROI by looking at the number of leads generated through the C6 marketing campaign, such as a banner ad or AdWords campaign. C6 will need to determine the opportunity value of each lead. C6 needs to find their average…

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  • Sasser Case Summary

    main takeaways from Professor Sasser’s lecture on customer care is the link between customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to profit. He discusses an example with MBNA, a credit card company associated with Maryland National Bank. The CEO was worried about his business because they were not growing profitably. They attracted customers, but the more they attracted, the more profit they lost. The CEO calculated the lifetime value of a customer and found that it was taking them five years to break…

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  • Lincoln Electric Company Case Analysis

    The financial analysis indicated that the company has a lower than optimal profit margin. To address this issues we suggested that they either bring in more revenue or look to cut expenses. It is important to keep their employees productive and happy through methods that go beyond provided costly incentives, such as bonuses. The…

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  • Explicit Vs Implicit Cost

    Principles of Economics describes the difference as “Accounting profit is … total revenue minus explicit costs … [whereas] Economic profit is total revenue minus total cost, including both explicit and implicit costs.” (OpenStax, 2014, p. 159). Building on the examples above, in our martial arts business, we pay taxes on any accounting profits which our bookkeeper calculates as revenue minus the expenses on the books; while our economic profit would be calculated as the difference between the…

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  • Cango's Financial Ratio Analysis

    industry average is 1.14 percent (, 2014) and CanGo’s is 2%, which tells us CanGo is more asset-heavy than its competitors but generates better profits per sale. The return on sales ratio also referred to the operating profit margin or operating income margin, demonstrates how efficiently the company is operating by calculating profit after operational costs. Return on sales (ROS) is typically compared to previous quarter ratios as well as industry averages. A higher ratio…

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  • The Importance Of Organizational Growth

    economic factors at play. During periods of economic expansion and prosperity, there are heightened incentives for organizations to invest into their infrastructure and expand capacity. During times of economic decline, organizational growth wanes as profit margins dwindle, and increased organizational efficiency becomes key. This paper intends to demonstrate how growth is inextricably linked to environmental factors. Economic prosperity has a great impact on an organization’s success and…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

    I am writing to express my frustration on why marijuana is still illegal for even medical purposes while teh states around us are having huge profit on making marijuana legal.It helps with chemotherapy, Crohn 's disease, weight loss, HIV or nerve pain, and more. However it will be be better if it is full legalized with some restriction with it. Like Colorado has legalized Marijuana and have been profiting seen then, as the tax revenue has been used to a positive purpose; building schools, since…

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  • What Is Black Friday

    according to a recent RichRelevance consumer poll (Tuttle). That 60 percent that say that they “dislike” or “ hate” that stores are open, shouldn’t shop on Thanksgiving. If they continue to shop nothing will be done because a business’ goal is to make profit and if they can, they will. This is the first step to solve this problem, because it something that each individual can do. Many retailers are not following the leader, as they choose to remain closed on…

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  • Analyzing Eliyahu Goldratt's The Goal

    our Brewer textbook, concepts and objectives such as target profit analysis are used to set and make goals on obtaining certain profit levels. The Goal supports these conclusions through various examples. In chapter eight, when Alex speaks again with Jonah and Jonah tell three terms in which to run his plant, throughput, inventory, and operational expense. As long as operational expense is low and throughput is higher than inventory, profits will be made. By using estimates for each of these…

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  • Caterpillar: Remanufacturing A Win-Win Situation

    Lundmark et al. (2009)4 consider remanufacturing a “win-win-win” situation: “Customers can obtain remanufactured products cheaper, companies reduce their costs and they earn more and the environment benefits.” That said, remanufacturing can support all the three basic pillars of Sustainable Development (Environmental, Economic, Social). Saves material and energy resources while reduces wastes and emissions (Environmental), generates wealth and cutting costs (Economic), remanufactured products…

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