Alain De Botton Definition Of Success Essay

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What is your definition of success? Success means something different to everyone. When people think of success they may think that owning a business and having money is successful, but that is simply not the case here. Success does not have to be a material thing such as money or having a nice house. Success can be seen through a person who enjoys their job as well as life overall. Authors have made assumptions and even published articles or books about success. Both Mike Rowe and Alain de Botton describe their idea of success through podcasts.
Mike Rowe is an American Actor who travels all over the nation to learn about dirty jobs. During one of those dirty jobs he brings up the idea of success. Mike Rowe went on that specific episode thinking that one will be successful if you just follow your passion. He asked some employees on the job how they define success and asked a little bit about their work history. One employee
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De Botton presents several different ideas about success in his podcast. He explains how people want to be envied over how successful they are in the workplace, how others judge people based on their accomplishments, and how success is deserved just as much as failure is. De Botton addresses the subject on how our world can be the “winner” take all principle and the “losers” get nothing. People judge others based on appearance and how well they achieve things rather than who they really are as a person. De Botton also explains how pressures can influence success. To deal with these pressures a person must recognize them and learn to treat ourselves with compassion. I agree with De Botton and his view on success. He makes many valid points on how people fear success and failing. People fear being financially unstable, or a more relatable topic can be college students who worry about choosing a major they want to pursue. These examples can influence the ideas of

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