Success Margaret Mead Summary

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Success has powers that can take control of us in both positive and negative ways. Margaret Mead explains that success is great, it's the winning prize,but it can also affect us in many ways. She also explains that with being successful, we feel threatened by others who are more successful than us. Lastly, she says that Americans are confused with being successful and how we should react. I agree with Mead because success can come with positive outcomes,but it can also come with negative outcomes such as:/ No one cares how they get successful all they want is to get successful and how others envy others with different types of success. Positive outcomes can come from being successful not all is unpleasant. According to Mead,“ We are taught …show more content…
Many Americans get successful by deciding to not pay attention to how they get there but on just getting there. All they choose to know is that they need to get successful. For example, I used to go to a cal state, the students there did not care how they obtained a passing grade but for them to obtained it. Most of the time they would cheat, they would ask different students to give them the answers. This one afternoon, in my sociology class this girl ask my friend that if she didn't understand a question if she could give her the answer to it. My friend reacted in such an indignant way towards what she was being asked to do. This girl wanted to get successful based on my friend's brain. This is what I’m talking about people just want to become successful.
Another negative outcome can be having envy of others when they are more successful than you are. According to Mead,“ We tend to regard the success of people close at hand , within our small groups ,as a threat (Mead,Lines 6-7).” This quote explains that we envy people who are more or as successful as we are. It all comes down to a saying that goes like this they want you to do good but never better than them. This saying says that Americans help each other's thinking that they will get repaid by being successful. People don't understand that being envious of others, will only worsen

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