Profit maximization

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  • The Momentum Effect In UK Financial Markets

    The aim of this paper is to test whether the momentum effect is still exist in UK financial market and the test for the effect and profitability of momentum strategies in paper is based on the methodology used by Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) and DeBondt and Thaler (1985, 1987). While, this study assess the profitability of JxK trading strategies, where the securities are assigned to portfolios according to a ranking in period t based on the previous J months ‘returns. In order to avoid biases,…

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  • Google Workers In The Workplace

    are receiving their daily nutritional necessities, they are more focused and capable of being productive at work. Employees are then more motivated by their careers when they feel better about themselves after exercising. As a result, this screams profits for any business. If an employee is capable of working at maximum capacity and alertness every day, average productivity escalates. A business can then hire less workers to do a task. Employers receive greater quality of performance from their…

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  • Essay On Miles And Snow's Prospector Strategy

    assessing how well the organization has attained those goals. (pg 69) In this approach you are watching the businesses profitability, market share, growth, social responsibility and prodcut quality. Every business aims to be profitable. Making a profit is how the business…

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  • Kennel Company Case Analysis

    entire life, including research&development costs, production costs, marketing costs, support costs, etc. Life Cycle costs = ($180+$2) *40,000+$320,000 =$7,600,000 Expected/target cost The target cost is the difference between selling price and target profit. The initial market for Kennel-Up’s new ferret cage was estimated to be 40,000 cages over a five-year period with a proposed selling price of $240.00. Based on the survey of focus groups and a market feasibility assessment, the marketing…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Porter's Theory

    Porter’s Theory Porter’s Theory relates to the profitability of different companies in terms of their business outlook. What company is the most profitable? How can we gain better clientele? Where do we rank amongst other competitors as far as profitability? These are all questions that a company would search to find the answer to when debating their position in the business world. FILA is a known sneaker and clothing company that has taken a huge fall within the last decade. In this research,…

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  • Adam Smith Vs Bernard Mandeville

    lesser-known Bernard Mandeville. Each of these men sought to guide the will of their fellow citizens in terms of his or her use of their profits. Though both of the…

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  • Figure 8: Frequency Of Travel

    Figure 8: Frequency of travel (Q1) Source: Own research This first question had two goals. The first one was to reflect the share of respondents that do not travel for vacation. After eliminating them from the further analysis, the second goal behind this question was to get an idea how many respondents travel twice or more than twice a year and how many respondents travel only once per year. The results presented in Figure 8 show that 8.33% of the respondents travel once a year, 67.93% travel…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: The Ford Pinto Case

    Ford Pinto Paper #5403 In 1978, an attack came unto Ford from unhappy consumers. These consumers, or more telling, their next of kin, were unhappy with the safety offered by Ford’s subcompact model, the Pinto. The subcompact was a new addition to the American markets, but not new to markets. The markets overseas were run amok with much more favored subcompacts for years. The American market was just now, however, starting to lean away from the larger, more gas guzzling cars and going towards…

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  • Organizational Culture And Culture: The Lincoln Electric Company

    remain in effect today. The personal values of the founder were mainly guided by Christian ethics; including ensuring all stakeholders are served well, such as customers, employees and stockholders, which will ultimately drive increase productivity and profit (Sharplin, n.d.). As these values continue to show benefits, especially profitability, for all parties involved, the organizational cultural remains largely unchanged and never depended on a specific religious orientation (Sharplin, n.d.),…

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  • Case Study: Buber's Business Model

    1.) Buber describes itself as a technology company rather than a transportation company. It’s business model revolves around the idea of the sharing economy. The sharing economy is a new idea in which entails people sharing their time and resources. Hoover’s approach was to build a platform in which riders and drivers could connect rather than provide them with the physical transportation. In this way they can exploit a loophole in which their drivers would not be required to be properly…

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