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  • John Swales: The Roles Of A Discourse Community

    A discourse is a way of communicating, whereas a discourse community is a group that communicates similarly and for collective purposes. More often, a discourse community can be referred as a way of the communication within a given field, between individuals or within a group of people. Most commonly, discourse takes the form of speaking, writing, and reading, where an audience plays an essential role in the type of discourse. For example, I communicate differently when I talk to my friends than…

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  • Chemical Runaways

    piping used to cool the vessel. Since vessel could not be cooled, the pressure inside the vessel began to rise and chemical runaway began to occur. Chemical runaway is the process that exothermic reactions get out of control and cause an explosion (Institute of Chemical Engineers, n.d.). During the evacuation process, the pressure became too great and caused a rupture in the piping. According to the CSB report, workers reported a sound that appeared to be like a “jet engine” (CSB, 2009). By…

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  • Discipline Investigation Essay

    Introduction: Discipline investigation is an essay that allows a student to discover the difficulties of professional life. The main source for this essay is the interview that student uses to collect the empirical data. From my opinion, this dissertation is a study to convince students to either follow what they choose or change their career. Before doing this assignment, I expected chemical engineering is a tough profession in the industry but I found out the academic courses were challenging…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Electrical, Computer And Energy Engineering

    Statement of Purpose My decision to obtain a PhD degree is inspired by the desire to combine my creativity with specialized knowledge to invent and enhance technology for this ever changing world. I am confident that a PhD degree from the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder will serve as a link between the potential and this career goal of mine. My passion to study engineering grew when I got GPA 5 out of 5 in the Secondary School…

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  • Ibr Approach To Conflict Resolution Essay

    Organizations are a living and breathing entity. With this being said it must be understood that all organizations will at some point deal with organizational conflicts. When an organization comes to a conflict it is important to know not only how the conflict was discovered but how it was handled and resolved. Leaders within the organization need to be able to better understand what the conflict at hand is and quickly work towards a resolution. Organizational conflicts can really impact the…

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  • A Rose For Emily Theme Essay

    themes in Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily.” With the setting in “A Rose for Emily” being set back to the early 1900s during the post-civil war era, America during this period known as the reconstruction era. According to the Gilder Lehrman Institute, “The most…

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  • Held Off Gunman

    On April 17, 2007 Virginia Tech envelops a massive panic. A gunman bursts into the room, methodically points a gun at each student and shoots. This event requires a great deal of courage to survive something like this, but presents itself in Trey Perkins specifically. Mr. Perkins exhibits physical courage-bravery at risk of bodily harm or death. According to the article “Students Panicked and Then Held off Gunman” by Raymond Hernandez, after harming many people in room 207, Mr. Cho, the gunman…

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  • Virginia Tech Incident

    On April 17, 2007, a horrific incident occurred at Virginia Tech. It all began when a call was made early in the morning about a shooting incident that occurred in the dorm rooms. There were two students that were shoot and killed that morning. The first responders to the scene believed they had a suspect who happened to be the boyfriend of one of the deceased individuals found murdered. The campus police believed it to be an isolated incident which had ended as soon as it had begun. To their…

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  • School Shootings: Roots In Interpersonal Communication

    Many school shootings have roots in interpersonal communication. For example, the Umpqua Community College shooting involved an encounter between a teacher and a student (who ended up being the gunman). The shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre had issues communicating with other people, and his teachers were not aware of this, causing the problem to develop further. The way that the teachers and students communicated with each other played a large role in both shootings, so it is important to…

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  • Challenges: Conflict Resolution In Health Care

    position on the issue (Wholistic Stress Control Institute, n.d.). The second strategy is to separate the individuals from the situation to calm down or cool out (Wholistic Stress Institute, n.d.). The third strategy is to attack the problem and not the individual (Wholistic Stress Control Institute, n.d.). Fourth is to express any feelings assertively, without blaming, and no expressing feelings within an aggressive manner (Wholistic Stress Control Institute, n.d.). The fifth strategy is to…

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