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  • Fire Marshall Essay

    that the county fire marshall office as a whole orginization. Every other system in the state is under the fire marshalls office. Be able to centeralize it that FMO represents the county seat. Carrying out the authority of the county. The whole idea was to say that the county seat who has the authority of the county. It was passed in 2007 and it keeps getting worse some…

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  • The Theme Of Suicide In T. S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men'

    Melissa Wong
March 11, 2015
Andrew Forrester
DISC 1313
 Escaping Heartland America
 Pawhuska, Oklahoma, a town of a little less than four thousand people, is where Tracy Lett’s play turned movie August: Osage County is set. Beverly Weston, the patriarch and a heavy alcoholic, has disappeared and eventually commits suicide, leaving behind his psychotic wife, Violet, in the care of a newly hired caretaker, a Native American named Johnna. After their father’s disappearance, Beverly’s adult…

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  • Community School Project

    printers, and other helpful resources. There are currently four core partners in this project, which are Indian River State College (IRSC), Children’s Home Society (CHS), School District of Indian River County (SDIRC), and Department of Health (DOH). Other partners include the United Way of Indian River County, Treasure Coast Community Health (TCCH), Pelican Island Elementary, Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative, Florida Department of Children and Families, Sebastian Police Department, and the…

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  • Environmental Services Department In San Diego

    The Environmental Services Department was established by the San Diego County in 1988 to protect the environment and to provide all San Diego residents with properly disposed municipal solid waste, along with an environmental free of litter and illegal dumping. In addition, the Environmental Services Department is organized…

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  • William Bonin The Freeway Killer

    committed his 1st rape crime in 1972 and went on until 1980, the year he was arrested. He was sentenced to death and died of lethal injection in 1996. On August 5, 1979, the defendant and co-defendant Butts accosted Marcus Grabs, 17, in Newport Beach sometime between 6 and 10 p.m. Marcus, a German student on a backpacking tour of the United States, was sodomized, beaten and stabbed 77 times. His nude body was found the next day beside a road in Malibu, with an orange nylon cord loosely wrapped…

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  • Robert E. Harril Summary

    Robert E. Harril, as he was known in his earlier life was born on February 2nd, 1893. He was born in Gaffney, South Carolina. In some of his early writings while at Carolina Beach, Robert specified that he was never predestined to become a hermit.His turbulent life began early on when his mother and two of his brothers died of typhoid fever. If this was not tragic enough, his grandfather, who he looked up too, died from a runaway mule. His troubles were made worse when his father…

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  • The Day I Passed Away Analysis

    Two weeks before I had my interview with the Honors College directors my house burned down. I remember the horrible day in which I walked into my home to find it full of smoke. My family and I had spent the whole afternoon together, we went to dinner and talked for a while. Once my dad parked the car in front of the house I remember feeling uneasy, something was not right. I got off the car as fast as possible and headed for the door to find a cloud of smoke hitting me across the face. My dog,…

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  • Situational Awareness In Social Work

    goes beyond dissecting guestimates or reference points. Los Angeles has traditionally offered residents cultural anchor points that are spread out through out the county. One of these hubs featured in South Los Angeles, is Leimert Park. Founded in 1927, Leimert Park started out as a homogenous community exclusively for Caucasians. After white flight to the suburbs, there has been a fixture of predominantly black families…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay About Venice

    LA. I’ve already seen it. The canal, the body builders, and the ridiculous tshirts that only someone stoned would buy. But I’m not from Venice. fourteen miles down south of the beach is South Central, my home for the first eighteen years of my life. Now, during holidays and breaks, I live in the middle of northern LA County in a desert called Palmdale. It’s important to note the differences. One that I learned immediately was that neighbors don’t like noise but love to phone police about it.…

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  • Two Things I Didn T Know Reflection

    Reflection Two Things I Didn’t Know The first thing I learned about the social work practice while at Mille Lacs County is that not all situations will play out how you want them to. Of course I knew that in a general sense; however, there were many situations that I was a part of and/or heard about at the county where things didn’t go down how they were expected to, wanted to, or maybe even should have. This job can be unpredictable with clients as well as with judges and that is something that…

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