Peruvian Jungle Experience

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Peruvian Jungle Experience: From High Jungle To Amazon
Just imagine, you are laying on a hammock floating down the Amazon River, sipping on a fresh coconut watching the sunset over the countless layers of tropical flora. If the visualization of this boat ride gave you a sense of thrill and butterflies, then you will be pleased to learn that this is a very possible journey. While not always as glorious as sipping on a coconut, the Amazon offers visitors the opportunity to go inward, connect with nature, work with shamans, experiment with plant medicines and more. Of course, being the world’s largest jungle, you will find isolation, dietary challenges and insects everywhere! However, if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone this journey can offer awakening, clarity and lessons beyond your wildest dreams. Read on if you want to learn how to take the journey from the Peruvian high jungle into the depths of the Great Amazon Rainforest.
Tarapoto: fertile soil, breathtaking mountain, fresh water
The journey begins in Tarapoto, the heart of the Peruvian high jungle. The city of Tarapoto is bustling, full of stores, restaurants, markets and moto-taxis. Many visitors make Tarapoto their hub for exploring the region. However, if you are interested in a quieter city with more
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As the main purpose of the slow boat is to deliver goods to the towns, the schedule can be delayed very easily. This is especially seen when boarding. Often times, the captain will tell passengers the boat is going to leave the day they arrive. Sometimes it does, however, many passengers find themselves waiting one or two days. The good news is, that if you would like you can sleep on the boat until it does leave. Typically, you can also come back first thing in the morning and check into a hostel or hotel if you

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