Yanomamos Culture Essay

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Today, the Internet allows individuals to connect with people from all parts of the planet. However, even in this digital age, some cultures like the Yanomamos still live separate from the rest of the world. The Yanomamos live in the Amazonian rainforest along the Brazilian border. Anthropologists argue that this group is deeply rooted into their cultural cocoon and this is a phenomenon which enables them to preserve their culture and protect their community from foreign diseases. It is evident from the video that there is no close interaction between Yanomamos and any other tribe or society. This kind of life has made them preserve their culture primarily because there is no any other culture to copy or conform to. According to Weng (2017), culture is a way of life and cannot change …show more content…
Chagnon in the video further stated that the lack of resources from the external world and the fact they are not connected to the rest of the world causes them to adopt the primitive Stone Age culture. The Yanomamos live by hunting and gathering while their women mostly engage in small-scale farming. This is a typical Old Stone Age life. The men of the culture engage in hunting using blows and blowguns. The Yanomamos have a single style of interaction and socialization. Socialization according to Weng (2017)involve a process in which people learn through interacting with other individuals, their way of thinking and reasoning, feeling and, acting that are important and necessary for effective participation within a particular society. The Yanomamos does not have other individuals to interact with primarily due to their environment and location. Their habitat, the Amazon Rain Forest is an isolated environment from the rest of Brazil. This makes it impossible for the Yanomamos to adopt a modern way of life which is led in the rest of the

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