Similarities Between Yanomamo And Samoan People

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Different cultures have diverse ways of experiencing aspects of their culture. There are many commonalities and distinctions between the Yanomamo and Samoan peoples. They have different and similar subsistence methods, divisions of labor, occupational specializations, exchange of goods, and economic links to power. These differences and similarities are striking and deserve thorough examination.
One of many aspects Samoan and Yanomamo life that is different is their subsistence methods. The Samoans mainly rely on agriculture. According to Holly Peters-Golden, “clearing the land for planting is hard work” (225). The Samoans use cutting tools like axes and knives get rid of trees and bushes and other foliage. Then the Samoans use small fires to eliminate everything else. Peters-Golden writes that “digging sticks are then employed to dislodge rocks and loosen the soil for
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There are more opportunities for women and there is not such a widespread social acceptance of domestic violence. While girls are still pushed towards traditional roles and men hold most of the power positions, girls are also given outlets to contribute to the village, such as the Women’s Committee and the aulama (218, 222). The aulama “serves the needs of the village by undertaking all of the social, economic, and ceremonial tasks that chiefs’ older wives can no longer accomplish” (222). The Samoan people have many groups like the aulama, and each comes with a specific skill set. Occupational specialization plays a part in both cultures. For instance, Yanomamo culture dictates that “Shamanism is a practice open only to Yanomamo men.” (275). In the Samoan culture, there are fishing specialists called the tautai. The tautai are also only men. These similarities in division of labor and occupation specialty say a lot about both peoples, but there are some other aspects that contrast the Yanomamo and the Samoan

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