Cultural Anthropology Essay

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In relation to Cultural Anthropology, this correlates with the daily lives of Nigeriens and how they are very culturally advanced. Niger, (officially named The Republic of Niger) is a very diverse country located in western Africa. It is two- thirds covered by the Sahara Desert (Murray). The people of Niger, (Nigeriens) are a very independent, hard working group of people, they are very culturally organized and very traditional. The main language spoken there is French and Hausa, but also including Hausa, Anna-Songhai, Fulani or Fulbe, Tamajaq, and Kanuri or Beri-Beri. (Murray,1981). Nigeriens make sure to pass the time by playing and participating in many sports. They also love to cook and have a great passion for the Culinary Arts.

The first thing Nigeriens deal with is hardships, but they manage to work hard and do their jobs without complaining. One big key factor of why they work extremely hard is because of the drought that is normally happening throughout the entire year. An important difficulty they are facing is famine. The country of Niger has never really been able to keep up with their own economic issues because of the lack of jobs that are being provided and the very little product that is being produced. Niger used to be a very big leader in the selling of Uranium Ore, and they had a ton of product for
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The Hausa people love to play their music using the duma, which is for percussion, and the molo, which is a flute. The Hausa love to sing praise music and keep it closely related to folk music. Tuareg has its own genre, which is classified as, "Tuareg Blues”. The Tuareg's music is so popular, it even traveled all the way to Europe (Murray, 1981). Most notably, the band called Tinariwen, is very a very popular band, that plays wonderful blues songs. Music in Niger always brings the people closer together and it results in a more balanced culture (Sefal and Spilling,

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