Fairlight Research Paper

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Fairlight, a Sydney suburb in the Northern Beaches, is situated about 13 kilometres north east of the central business district. That makes it a great place to live outside the city and provides a short work commute. Some workers who commute to Sydney or the surrounding suburbs to work drive, while others take advantage of the public transportation system that serves Fairlight. The beach here is calm and perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, but is too rocky for surfing. The children living in Fairlight attend schools in other suburbs that are nearby and convenient.
Fairlight is a popular northern Sydney suburb primarily for its beach, Fairlight Beach. However, to the locals, this is a quiet suburb in the Northern
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• The Studio Make Candle Making Workshop is a fun thing to do when workshops are held. You will learn the basics of candle making and make your own melts and candles with bees wax and soy wax.
• The Studio Make Shibori Workshop is another fun thing to do when you're in Fairlight. You get morning tea and lessons on how to create beautiful textiles using the art of Shibori.
• The Studio Make Basic Calligraphy Workshop will teach you the basic skills of calligraphy to create gorgeous typography that you can use in your arts and crafts. Morning tea is included.
• The Studio Make Beginning Embroidery Workshop teaches you how to create pretty, embroidered textiles using your hands. Champagne and nibbles are included.
• The Concrete Planters and Tealights Workshop is a hands-on workshop where you learn to mix, pour, and create tea lights and planters. It's fun and cathartic.
Fairlight has a local chiropractor, yoga classes, a pharmacy, a home builder, various tradies, the Paul Corbitt salon where you can pamper yourself, and a variety of services to help make your life

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