Palliative care

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  • Fatigue In Nursing

    he have only a few days to live in this life, Death is very common in all ages and all the times. Death is bad news and it is very difficult to be known especially for the nurse. It is very stressful for her to take care of people who are facing death, so it is important for a palliative nurse to know how she can handle the person who is facing death and how she let them live their rest of their life in peace without any pain and fears of what is coming, how the nurse can make the family except…

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  • Good Death Movie Analysis

    The film titled "Good Death: Case Studies in the End of Life-Care" illustrates stories of four patients with a terminal illness who decide to embrace the finality of their lives by spending their last days at the Sacred Heart Palliative Care Hospital in Sydney Australia. Norma Andrews, Sandy Riches, Darryl Calver, and John Peart are all patients battling terminal cancer who, instead of enduring futile and hopeless treatments, choose to spend the last weeks and months of their lives engaging in…

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  • Personal Essay: The Alchemist

    World, and it will one day return there”. Growing up, I always wanted to become an Oncologist because I wanted to cure patients from Cancer. My mind was set to cure, and cure only. I recall my very first interaction with Dr. Danielle Doberman, a Palliative Medicine physician, during my second month as an intern in the ICU, where I indulged in saving lives in an acute setting. I recall the 19- year- old boy who was brought in after he was found down intoxicated; unfortunately, he was brain dead…

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  • Faulty Health Care

    unsatisfactory experience such as being turned down for health care or witnessing the clinical, insensitive portion of these institutions designed to care for patient’s needs, right?…

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  • Controversial Arguments Against Euthanasia

    performed for different reasons. However, in many states, it is not legal. There have been many controversial debates on this topic including The National Council of Hospices and Specialist Palliative Care Services (NCHSPCS). It was recommended that nurses, doctors, and students were to receive palliative care education and reach a certain expertise level as an alternative to euthanasia (Ledger 7). Euthanasia, meaning “good death” from Greek eu and thanatos, is a gentle and intentional death…

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  • Advance Care Directive Case Summary

    treating Marion must refer to the Advance Care Directive and ensure they follow this carefully to ensure Marion’s best wishes. This is because an Advance Care Directive is a legal form for adults over the age of 18, in scenarios in which a person has impaired decision-making capacity, the Advance Care Directive will have instructions, vales and wishes for future health care (Advance Care Directives 2014). Marion’s parents state that she has an Advance Care Directive however, the treating team…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Disadvantages Essay

    to Die”). Critics of physician-assisted suicide state that the government should have the right to preserve human life; therefore, they maintain that PAS should not be considered a constitutional right. Critics also state that improving end-of-life care should be the focus for both patients and medical professionals. Additionally, they argue that protecting vulnerable members of society, preserving life, and maintaining the integrity of medical professionals are legitimate reasons to keep a ban…

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  • The Importance Of Alternative Home Care

    unalienable rights, but it is a country whose health care system is impeding quality of life at end of life. America is allowing its own society to be controlled by medicine and technology, alternative home care, and strangers, therefore…

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  • Patient Case Study Essay

    up to go to the washroom. The patient also has chest pain, nausea and vomiting, fever and worsening orthopnea The patient is having dementia, hypertension and ESRF stage 4. However, patient reused HD and was under nephro clinic, but planned for palliative management. The patient had been admitted to the hospital due to the same presenting complaint for several times. He is not taking any medication and currently practicing conservative management due to financial problems. The patient is not…

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  • Terminally Ill

    Losing someone unexpectedly hurts but when you have a loved one in hospice care the hurt is indescribable. Reading the article, “when a loved one is terminally ill” gives insight with dealing with death. The writer reminds us just because a person is in hospice doesn’t mean they are going to die that moment. The writer describes it as “time stopping” once the diagnosis has been given, as family members we refuse to believe that this is the end. The article helps give guidance, with the…

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