Persuasive Essay On Death With Dignity

If you are a loved one was told you had six months left to live and could end up debilitating quickly from a terminal disease, what would you do? Would you go for hospice, palliative care, pain management, or would you consider death with dignity. Death with dignity is something some are not aware of this; as it is legal in only three states, legal with court approved in three states, eleven states considering it, twelve states considered it but did not pass the legislation, and eleven states with no activity with death with dignity. Death with dignity I feel should be a great law for all fifty states to pick up and it definitely would be my choice if I was ever given six months of life to live with a debilitating painful disease. Death …show more content…
Death with dignity has major stimulations to meet in considering it. There are many steps you have to take to get approved. Again you have to six months or less to live with a terminal illness, a diagnosis signed by physician, verbally request it once and a handwritten request with two witnesses not family or doctors signatures fifteen days later, psychologist approval of being mentally fit, patient must have other options explained to them, and patient has to notify next of kin of the requests of the prescription. With all these requirements to meet death with dignity would not be approved of anyone with previous or current suicide thoughts. Hospice, palliative care, and pain management again are the other options for someone who is terminally ill that are in fact to the point they just want to be comfortable. The difference of all these and death with dignity is that you can go on living normal and without loaded on pain pills or pain medication intravenously throughout the rest of your life until one day your body gives up. Which these types of pain medications sometimes can make you in an altered state which makes you incapable of caring for yourself at all or do any daily activities for yourself. These options can make it physically, emotionally, and mentally draining for you and your loved ones. As death with dignity you are not

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