A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries A Gun Analysis

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In Linda M. Hasselstrom’s essay, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun,” Hasselstrom underlines that it is a citizen’s right to protect themselves; however, whether a person has the right to choose physician-assisted suicide is still a controversy. Everyone is guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and happiness. Therefore, if happiness means freedom from pain and agony, then assisted suicide should be legalized. The idea has always been looked down upon and is usually considered morally wrong. However, when it is an individual 's only means to obtain peace and rest at ease, it is not evil. Death with Dignity, also known as physician-assisted suicide, is only allowed for patients that are terminally ill. It is legal in a handful …show more content…
The death of a loved one is hard to handle when it happens, but that can change with the Death with Dignity law. Obviously no one wants a family member to die, but since the patient is already dying, it is a way to make the process less painful to watch. Further, a dying person’s physical suffering can be most unbearable to that person’s immediate family. Assisted suicide provides time for the family to mentally prepare for the permanent departure of their loved one and not see them surrounded by tubes. In the article “My Right To Death with Dignity At 29” by Brittany Maynard, she states that, “I’m able to move forward with the time I have on this beautiful Earth, I plan to celebrate my husband’s birthday with our family.” She is given the opportunity to express her love, invite her family by her side, and have everyone say their goodbyes while she is still capable. This way, since the patient decided to go on their own, it is easier for the family to accept because pain did not take their loved one, they were ready on their own. The family is spared the horror of watching a loved one suffocate and is given a chance to reminisce on memories together, not remember them on a hospital bed. Rather than having the death be unexpected and unplanned for, it can prepare the entire family to accept the situation and mentally train them to be ready when he/she follows through with the painless

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