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  • Essay On The Differences Between Hamlet And Dojoji

    Both Dojoji and Hamlet showcase some of the major differences between Asian and Western thought and customs. The first text, of Japanese origin, places a meaningful emphasis on religious imagery. The play uses the images of dragons, rosaries, a bell, and cherry-blossom trees several times during its relatively short duration. On the other hand, Hamlet shows diverse Christian themes, present in Ophelia’s burial, the words uttered by Hamlet’s father’s ghost, and in some of Hamlet’s thoughts.…

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  • Houses In The Shogun Japan Period

    Housing and Living Areas There were many different manners of houses in the Shogun Japan period. In Shogunate Japan there were originally two different types of houses, the first house being known as a pit-dwelling house, columns were inserted into a big hole that was dug in the ground and then was enclosed with grass. The second was built with the floor raised high above the ground, this style (The elevated floor) is said to have originated from Southeast Asia. The high elevated floor houses…

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  • Babymetal Research Papers

    Metal music is a genre historically dominated by men. An all-female trio of teens, Babymetal’s music is a new combination of Idol pop, or J-pop (Japenese pop) and metal, a novel fusion of genres the group defines as “kawaii” (cute) metal. Babymetal’s first single was released in 2014, and “their debut album was the bestselling Japanese album in America in 2014” (Benjamin par 1). In a Nikkel Trendy interview, Babymetal’s producer, Kobametal, states he wanted to create a “Metal unit that would…

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  • Kagemusha Movie Analysis

    Many see Akira Kurosawa as one of the most important filmmakers in the industry. His influential career spanned 57 years, in which he directed 30 films. One of his final works, Kagemusha is a dramatic action movie that depicts the transformation of a petty thief who learned the value of loyalty. The unnamed thief was caught stealing from the daimyo of the Takeda clan. However, instead of being sentenced to death, his life was spared because of how similar he looked to Shingen. The Takeda Clan…

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  • What The Best College Students Do Essay

    The best college students learn very quickly that the best thing that they can do is never give up, discover something new every day, work with the community as best as they can and show great respect for the learning community. They also learn that service to the community is essential and they do this by helping others and making them stronger learners. Although Bain’s book does a very good job of explaining all of these values, the one that stands out to me is that of discovery. Discovery…

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  • Zen Zo Physical Theatre Analysis

    Physical Theatre Analytical Essay Zen Zen Zo, founded in 1992, is an Australian Physical Theatre company. Asian-theatre traditions (Butoh and Noh), and pop culture, where stagecraft, music and movement create meaning, forged the company’s unique style. Physical Theatre can be defined as, a genre of theatrical performance that pursues storytelling through physical means, rather than, spoken text. Zen Zen Zo’s interpretation of the Tempest encompasses themes (dramatic meaning) which have a…

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  • Juan Ramirez And Jenny Potter Case Study

    The meeting between Juan Ramirez and Jenny Potter did hold a several ethical issues. When Juan got the case and read her name didn’t realize that Jenny Potter was a girl that he dated in High School. When they met at his office that is when he recognized he knew her. They right away got acquaintance with their past and build a not a professional relationship. Apparently, they kept in contact to the point that her brother and Juan play golf together. Also, Jenny’s brother, Jenny and Juan…

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  • Ethical Case Summary

    In the matter of: Sarah N. Villegas, License No. SW.7150 (LMSW), Case No.2014-15, has a problem of dishonesty, forgery, manipulation, and a very unprofessional and unethical dilemma. The Respondent violated Kitchener’s Moral Principles in every way possible along with violations of ethical codes, the law, and other principles. She has broken rules and regulations according to her workplace. She has use Autonomy for her own selfish gain. The Respondent did not exercise Non-Maleficence instead she…

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  • Video Game Violence And Desensitization Essay

    Video Game Violence and Desensitization In 2006, Carnagey, Anderson and Bushman have conducted research regarding the cognitive effects of violence in video games. Their research question was stated as the following: “Does exposure to violent video games decrease physiological responsiveness to real-life violence?” Accordingly, the hypothesis was defined similarly: “Violent game players would show less physiological arousal, desensitization, in response to real-life violence than would…

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  • Physical Theatre Performance

    Physical theatre, according to author Collin Chambers, is an open-ended term that is used to describe theatre pieces that investigate and emphasize the physical aspects of performance (2002: 13). Although the term is applied to a variety of performance styles and forms, Chambers (2002:14), continues to explain that the term often refers performances that are based on physical training. This physicality associated with performances, gained popularity during the 1980s, when many companies began…

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