Yamauba's Cannibalism In 'Spirited Away'

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Yamauba are generally endowed with supernatural powers. In the Medieval Noh text entitled Yamamba, the protagonist Yamauba makes use of her supernatural vigor to darken the sky in order that the courtesan who's reputed to be just right at yamamba dance would be compelled to spend a night at her lodging. In Spirited Away, Yubaba is an ancient lady with white hair who controls her staff via the vigor of language and magic. She’s freely able to turn humans into animals and consume them, which in a way pays homage to yamauba's cannibalism. Yamauba is mainly portrayed in an unflattering manner, but one in every of Yamauba's lesser-identified features is her nurturing character, ordinarily related to motherhood. Hor Ichiro writes, “within the preferred

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