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  • Personal Narrative: A Monster Truck Derby

    When I heard that we were going to a monster truck derby, I didn’t know what to think. We got tickets from entering this raffle, and the tickets had the name of a famous monster truck derby on it. A monster truck derby would be cool, but I didn’t want to sit in one spot for three hours. And the drive would be long as well. The traffic was going to be horrible since it was a big monster truck derby and we already lived two hours away. I decided that I would go anyways. I charged my phone so I had some entertainment and ate so I didn’t get hungry. After the long drive, we got out of the car and I saw this big arena. My dad said, “Isn’t this cool?” “Yeah,” I said, “this is cool.” Jackson looked like he was having the time of his life. We went…

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  • A Career As A Truck Driver

    A truck driver is a person who earns a living as the driver of a truck (usually a semi truck, box truck, or dump truck). Truck drivers carry goods to other places or states. The farther distance traveled the more money they make. I chose this career because I want to travel to different states. In my opinion I think I would be a good truck driver. An inspiration to me would be my uncle because he is one. Truck driving is a great career because I will be working with a team traveling places,…

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  • Futurist Manifeto By Rosenquist Summary

    The Age Of Speed = fast - not sold on safety but on speed - car fulfilled a desire need to go fast Martinetti wrote “Futurist Manifesto” - art statements that glorified what they want to do - vehicles are “snorting beasts” - love danger, revolt and audacity, splendor of the world, beauty of speed and struggle after einstein revealed studies with space and time, advances in space travel Rosenquist’s “No Man” = traveling by car, diff experience, everywhere and nowhere train travel - train…

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  • Honda Truck History

    They are very helpful with everyday living. A truck which is called a lorry in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Indian Subcontinent is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo. Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration, with the smallest being mechanically similar to an automobile. Trucks and cars have a common ancestor: the steam-powered fardier Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built in 1769. Cars are equipped with controls used for driving, parking, passenger comfort and safety and…

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  • The Most Expensive Cars

    The car is a vehicle that is driven by army personnel wheeled machines, four or more (always even), usually using a fuel (gasoline or diesel) to turn on the engine. The car is short for "automobile that comes from the Greece ' autos ' (himself) and Latin ' movére ' (to move). There are about 250 million cars in the United States at this time. Worldwide, it is estimated there are 806 million units of cars and light trucks in 2007; burn more than 260 billion US gallons (1 gallon = 3.8 litres)…

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  • Public Transportation

    Public transportation has been around since the 1820s which has helped people of all race, gender and social class to travel from one place to another. Majority of Americans think just because someone is riding the bus or other forms of transportation, they do not have a car or cannot afford one, which is not always the case. Some People enjoy taking the bus, because it allows them to save gas money. I saw a friend of mine at the bus stop near Corbett gym get onto a bus and I noticed that she…

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  • Control Of The Car-Personal Narrative

    Imagine yourself sitting in a car while it’s spinning out of control and not knowing what exactly to do, but just holding on to the car door. Your knuckle’s turning white from all the strength you are putting to hold on the door. Sitting in the spinning car afraid of what will happen next. Seeing people worried and frighten faces as you spin. Turning to look at your mom and seeing her try to get control of the car to avoid hitting another car or someone. I was finally released out of my last…

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  • Time Management Skills Essay

    freight with other carriers. Which in time means I would have a hard time finding freight to keep my truck moving efficiently. As a professional driver I must always be aware of time schedules. My times that I am constantly looking at are my pickup and delivery times, for the simple fact that being late in my career can cause a loss in upcoming freight. One key skill in time management that I am consistently using is analyzing my current situation (Chambers, 2015). Such as if a shipper…

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  • Analysis Of Lucille Fletcher's 'The Hitchhiker'

    -------Strange noises, eerie stranger, and phantasms are things that often pull an audience into a suspenseful story. In Lucille Fletcher’s The Hitchhiker a man is driving from his home in Brooklyn to the west coast. Along the way he continues to see a man who makes him nervous. Eventually, this vision makes him question his sanity. This play works because of the plot decision that the author has made. Fletcher uses the element to plot to create an effective story. -------One of the first…

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  • Car Advertising-Domination Nature Analysis

    car. So, its true car companies may fib a bit in their advertisement, but their purpose isn’t to harm anyone. Many car markets are going green. Whether the car is electric or runs on natural gases, they’re trying so hard to make a difference in the environment and getting everyone on board. Alan Foljambe, the author the text, ‘’Car-Advertising- Dominating Nature’’ points out how there are two types of ‘’green’’ car advertisement. The quotation marks within green is used lightly because Mr.…

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