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  • Personal Narrative: Who Doesn T Love Disney World

    information, or knowledge, when mentioned only have thought of prejudice as racism against African Americans; therefore have made an effort to erase boundaries. Indeed, African Americans have been the target of racism, by hatred organizations as the KKK, and de jure segregation. And unjust object of slavery, to not only Americans, but unto many others nations as Spain, France, between others, but the yet prevailing prejudice against them is only what is seem. It will never stop to amaze me the…

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  • Little Miss Sunshine Family Analysis

    Family life is a worldwide experience. We are born into a family. We develop our skills, and our ideas on worldwide views are shaped based on what we experience within a family. After maturing in a family, we create new values, and bring rituals and knowledge that have been taught to us from our original family to our new family. There are many definitions of the word family. Some people believe it is a term related to the bloodline, while others believe it is related to two or more people, who…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Young Women's Resource Center

    The business was to be called Love My Curves Ladies Apparel and would offer clothing, accessories and shoes for plus sized women. I designed and sewed by request as well as ordered items from wholesale companies to sell at my retail store location in Des Moines Iowa. I created a website to sell items from and maintained the website myself. I traveled to other cities to meet with other stores to sell and trade inventory. During year two of business operations I received several offers to contract…

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  • Bioswale Case Study

    Introduction Drake University is a private, mid-sized, co-educational college located in Des Moines, Iowa. The campus is on a 150-acre property that has 84 buildings, 35 associated parking lots and is interspersed with multiple green spaces and commons. Drake University’s enrollment is increasing yearly and is continuing to incorporate new programs, which has sparked the need for new buildings and renovations. As development occurs, stormwater management has become an increasing concern in…

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  • Broken Gold Necklace Research Paper

    Nothing's worse that accidentally breaking your precious gold necklace or bracelet. Unfortunately, this frequently happens to many people simply because the gold is so delicate and precious. Pulling or yanking too hard on it in a rushed attempt to remove it, getting it snagged on something or accidentally snapping it while trying to untangle it can easily break the chain. Jewelry repair service is expensive and can sometimes cost as much as the gold necklace or bracelet did itself. So most times…

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  • Analysis: My Experience As A Student At Oakton Community College

    In academia, it is a given that an academic institution will be able to provide computer and printing access to the college’s body. These services are vital to both the student and the faculty, as computer laboratories are able to service high-volume traffic and provide relief to all users through multiple computers and allow for a number of tasks to be completed that normally can’t. Such tasks range from printing, to using specialized software such as NCLEX preparation or AutoCAD, to servicing…

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  • Racial Inequalities In America

    However, they differ in a few ways; De Jure Segregation according to the American Government textbook means, programs or facility that are racially segregated by the law. For example the Jim Crow era in the south that separated black and whites by not letting them attend the same schools, bathrooms, restaurants’, and water fountains; however later on it was considered unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. De Facto Segregation only difference is that racial segregation is…

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  • The Bauhaus: An Influential Artistic Movement

    De Stijl is Dutch for “the style” and it proposed ultimate simplicity and abstraction, both in architecture and painting. The visual language of the movement consists of straight lines, squares, rectangles, and the same primary colors that were prominent in expressionism. Curved lines and circles were considered to be representative of nature and were often not used in De Stijl artwork. The move from expressionism in the Bauhaus came…

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  • Zombie Burger Research Paper

    The Walking Burger A Consumer Review on The restaurant, Zombie Burger Zombie Burger in Des moines Iowa greeted my family with the most realistic zombie statues and post-apocalyptic vibes while entering the restaurant. I definitely agree when critics claim their food and drinks are “to die for”. Some popular burgers customers love are “zombie unicorn”, “three little pigs as told by the wolf”. This Burger joint has way more than your standard juicy burger, and has been recognized on Food…

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  • Wolff's Argument Analysis

    to be obeyed. He also defines the state as a group of persons who have and exercise supreme authority within a given territory. He explains that a de jure authority is one in which a governments claim to the right to rule is true. It implies that the people who choose to obey the right to rule, do so because it is their duty to obey the government. A de facto authority is one in which many believe the government has…

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