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  • Utilitarianism In Education

    The theory of Utilitarianism (a teleological system) is founded on the works of Jeremey Bentham and John Stuart Mill. In Utilitarianism () Mills argues for a normative model of ethics contending that the basis of morals is utility, or that “actions are right in proportion as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness”. Happiness is defined as the pleasure in the absence of pain while unhappiness is defined as pain in the lack of pleasure. (Utilitarianism book). An action that increases…

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  • PESTEL And Five Forces Analysis Of Debeers's Diamond

    This paper corresponds to case study of DeBeers’s Diamond Dilemma in which I have performed PESTEL and Five Forces Analysis of DeBeers’s Diamond. DeBeers has two aims; to be the top company of diamond seller and make diamond available for everyone in the market. In the first part I’ve executed PESTEL Analysis on the DeBeers prevailing confronting position and focused on the significant troubles that DeBeers needs to ascertain its resolution. PESTEL analysis refers to a framework that marketers…

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  • The Diamond Industry Essay

    The diamond industry employs 38,000 people, directly in Southern Africa, the main industrial location for diamonds). This employment provides shelter, food and clean water for people working in the mines. In South Africa, a rough 28,000 people are employed for cutting, mining, valuing, polishing, jewelry manufacturing, and retail. These few job opportunities open doors for workers to live under a roof, to get their kids educated, to obtain appropriate health care and much more. "We know that…

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  • The History Of Diamonds

    discovering the actual diamond producing pipe. A lot of Kimberly pipes found around the area included the largest pipes found on land by two unsuspecting farmers. The two farmers were brothers, and their names were “De Beers”. A syndicate discovered the largest pipes and brought the De beers brothers out and paid some money for the brothers around sixty-three hundred pounds, which was a large amount in that time for the farmers and a wonderful…

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  • New Media Influence On Art

    New Media In the latter half of the 1800s and moving forward into the twentieth century, new forms of media began to spring up, which drastically changed the way art was created and produced. The invention of the camera and motion pictures evolved art in a way that the question of which art forms should really be considered art was asked. In an article written by Domenica Quaranta, she brings up this question and provides some analysis. Her biggest point states that while a media may be new…

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  • Nature Of Society In Blood Diamonds

    identified by looking at the value and prices of their products and ethical standards. Campbell reveals, “The diamonds are eventually sold to customers at up to ten times the price paid from them De Beers, which,of course can be up to a hundred times the price paid for them at the source” (Campbell 112). The De Beers Group is excessively overpricing a stone that we are made to believe is explicitly rare and priceless. Their extreme desire for more money is shown through their disproportionate…

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  • Jacques Lacan's Theory Of Development

    different amounts of time for each individual; the Creature stays in this stage for a long time as he develops control over more things. When he discovers the De Lacy family, he begins to exert this authority. He discovers their need for firewood, and “brought home firing sufficient for the consumption of several days” (Shelley 74). When the young De Lacy girl finds the wood, “she uttered some words in a loud voice, and the youth joined her, who also expressed surprise” (Shelley 74). The…

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  • Joseph Campbell's 'Blood Diamond'

    Blood Diamond This story is about a diamond smuggler mercenary and a man who had lost his family to rebels who kidnapped his son for work in a diamond mine. Blood diamonds are not named for their color, but rather because of the very real blood which is shed in order to mine them. when you wear a blood diamond on your hand, then you really do have blood on your hands. Campbell neatly ties into how blood diamonds end up on the ring finger of brides while their use has funded a war which has…

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  • Los Chinelos

    The most popular dancers in Morelos, Mexico are Los Chinelos. Their movements and costumes have captivated their audiences for many years. The live brass band that usually follows them during their performance, like the chinelos, is also a staple of Mexican pride and culture. The image and dance of Los Chinelos has spread to other states in Morelos and has even crossed the borders of Mexico into the United States. Los Chinelos have come to represent the national and regional identity of the…

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  • Individualism In Society

    independently, decide autonomously and take personal initiatives, the concept of individualism has acquired a positive connotation. However, individualism is also linked with the tendency to withdraw from social life and turn in towards oneself. Alexis de Tocqueville described individualism as the cool and considered attitude which drives people to withdraw into a small, enclosed world consisting of their family and a few select friends, leaving the rest of society to its own devices. The most…

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