Men who have sex with men

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  • Summary: The Case Of Men Who Have Sex With Men

    This essay examines the case of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) as a vulnerable group in the light of those social determinants that contribute to its risk status concerning HIV/AIDS. It also provides a general overview of the issue seeking to highlight the historical background of the epidemic among MSM in each target region to the extent necessary. However, the main objective of this essay is to consider not the whole picture in its entirety, but specifically such factors as, first, discrimination and stigma, second, economic conditions, and, third, gender and sexuality (understood as the actual level of promiscuity) regarding the current situation. The key question is what their roles are, against the national backdrop. All these phenomena…

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  • Homosexual Eating Disorders

    food. Many people who suffer from eating disorders can attribute the cause of said disorder to various causes such as societal pressures and psychological factors. Furthermore, it has been shown by research that eating disorders can be caused by genetic and biological factors passed down by parents and ancestors. Eating disorders have three different branches characterized by the person 's relation with food. Anorexia nervosa is a form of an eating disorder in which the person does not intake…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Sex Without Love

    Sex is a very intimate action, which involves two consenting persons. In recent years, sex before marriage has become more common, yet, many believe that it is impossible to have sex without catching feelings for the other person, especially women. Women in today’s society are constantly used by men for sex and not for a loving relationship. Numerous men view women as easily emotionally attached to people, which contributes to the stereotype. It is because of this action towards women, that many…

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  • Lust By Susan Minot Analysis

    that women can't have and enjoy casual sex. While this may be correct in some rare cases, there is a definite difference between men and women's perspectives on sex, both inborn and nurtured. Susan Minot delves into the disconsolate feelings attached with casual sex from a general woman's point of view. She explains the feelings of detachment and disassociation that are affiliated with casual sex. The short, symbolically choppy paragraphs in “Lust” embrace the universal theme that men and women…

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  • Analysis Of Same Sex And Same-Sex Relationships

    culture of friendship and dating were at the time. There have been many studies linked to friendship, including opposite-sex and same-sex friendship as described in the article, by April L. Bleske and David M. Buss, titled: Can men and women be just friends? This article discusses the methodology of two studies performed to test evolution-based hypotheses and their outcomes. Friendships in general can provide benefits to both parties as well as inflict costs. “One of the complexities of…

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  • Sexual Double Standards Essay

    In contemporary society, sexual relations are significantly marked by a powerful double standard, in which only women’s sexual behaviors are policed and disciplined. More specifically, a girl who wears a mini dress and high heels on campus, has several casual sex experiences, and likes expressing her love by kissing and hugging in the public is labeled as a “slut” or a “whore.” However, if a boy enacting the same sexual behaviors may earn positive sexual reputations as a “player.” Derek Kreager…

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  • The Definition Of Masculinity In Guyland, By Kimmel

    society since the beginning of civilization. There have been a different institutions that have shaped what it means to be masculine throughout history. Patriarchy is a system that men hold the power and women are excluded. Masculinity has been associated with aggressiveness and power. This supports how men around the world are the dominant group in political and economic institutions. There is an idea that shaped masculinity and its called patriarchy. For men to personally define what it means…

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  • Sex And The City Analysis

    Sex and the City mostly contains various amount of scenes of the women having sex and talking about sex like men. This demonstrates the double standard that men are able to sleep around and act so dominant without society disagreeing or judging, but if women do the same, they will immediately be considered as “dirty.” Therefore, the women throughout the show create a good visual to the audience on their different perspectives of sex, and make it pretty clear on their mindset that casual sex is…

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  • Casual Sex Analysis

    between male and females when it comes to casual sex. Within society casual sex is usually a male thing and that women who part takes in these activities rather don’t discuss it. Causal sex is between two partners that are not established with one and other. The author Melanie takes an in-depth look into the sexual transition between the sexes. Melanie thoroughly looks at how young Canadians find the in having casual sex. In 2005 Melanie conducted an interview with young individuals in Jasper…

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  • Misrepresentation In We Real Cool

    black men have been objectified and dehumanized by the patriarchal world around them. Whether it be on television, in porn, or in published print, men of color are constantly challenged of their masculinity, sexuality, and acceptability by the privileged class. By using examples from the critically acclaimed drama Nymphomaniac; Volume Two by Lars von Trier in addition to literary contextual supporting evidence, this paper acts as an exploration of the overall misrepresentation of colored men as…

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