Feminist's Argument On How Sex Work Can Benefit Women

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Kelly J. Bell, “A Feminist 's Argument On How Sex Work Can Benefit Women” expressed sex work can help women to understand their sexuality and have control over their bodies. For women to be able to express their sexuality in the way they want can allow themselves to feel empowered. For example, “Sex work would not need to conform to the heteronormative, sometimes oppressive model of men paying women for sex” (Bell, 2009). This means sex work can change norms in society. Furthermore, Sex workers can explore their sexuality in having clients that’s not only men but women too. When it comes to women bodies “the right to control our sexuality is as essential to feminism as the right to control our reproduction. Any law that denies a women’s control …show more content…
No women should feel that focus to have sex for money for their survival. The thought that some women had to turn to prostitution as their last option reflects that there is systematic system that meant to keep women down. Although are male prostitutes, they numbers are not as high as women. This leads to the question on why are women more likely to become sex workers compare to men? As well as, why are men more willing to pay for sex then women? In addition, why do allow men to buy sex but women cannot sell sex? The answers to these question would reflect sexism. Women and men are not equal therefore, people would not question a man for what he does unlike a women. Now if society hates sex workers, people need to make sure both women and men are given fair opportunities such as education, workplace, and economic mobility. Furthermore, it best to not think all prostitutes are fighting their way out of poverty but away for them to control their bodies. Some sex workers can feel in touch with themselves because they can discover their sexuality and understand it. Sex work can make women feel they have control over their bodies and not the society they live in. The bodies of women is their own and should not be thought as sex objects for

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