Sex And The City Analysis

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Sex and the City mostly contains various amount of scenes of the women having sex and talking about sex like men. This demonstrates the double standard that men are able to sleep around and act so dominant without society disagreeing or judging, but if women do the same, they will immediately be considered as “dirty.” Therefore, the women throughout the show create a good visual to the audience on their different perspectives of sex, and make it pretty clear on their mindset that casual sex is acceptable. These women are viewed as independent and self-loved women who have such “normal” lives in the Big Apple. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda go through modern social issues such as sexuality and femininity, also while having many differences …show more content…
This question is commonly asked by women in our society who believe it unfair that men can sleep around with as many women as they want and not get shamed like woman if they were to do the same. The HBO’s series of “Sex and the City” (S.A.T.C.) has their audience all over the nation intrigued with their well thought-out six seasons and 94 episodes of romantic comedy which are centered on Candace Bushnell’s book also named “Sex and the City”. The director of the show, Michael Patrick King, created a perfect group of intelligent and vigorous women in their mid-to-late thirties in the middle of Manhattan. Sex and the City was a worldwide hit, and for millions of women, the show became a part of their cultural nous. The show’s success infiltrated beyond the screen with its fashions and trends being followed in clothing, beverages, magazines, accessories, and of course, shoes. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes), these women grasp the attention of those in their audience who are going through similar struggles in their love lives, and those who are incredibly affected by the pressures to become married. Sex and the City can be charged with the empowerment of feminism, positively influencing women’s self-image and providing a platform where all family structures, friendships and life-style choices are celebrated. …show more content…
Each episode is based on her thought bubble written in her weekly column, "Sex and the City", for the most fictitious newspaper the New York Star. Samantha Jones is the most confident one out of them all. Samantha is the oldest but also fearless, strong, and is willing to try everything in the category of sex at least once. Samantha states she has given up on relationships and has decided to just have sex "like a man", that is without emotions or feelings and purely for physical gratification. There’s Miranda who is an extremely smart lawyer that over thinks just about everything and thinks critically over men. Miranda is known to be the Carrie’s voice of reason. When Carrie need advice or someone to genuinely talk to she goes to straight to Miranda. Miranda tends to date less than the other just because she is so occupied with her career. Then there’s Charlotte, who not only a mother but the overall classic over-achiever and simple perfectionist; a "straight A" student. Charlotte is a hopelessly romantic who still in her mid-thirties strongly believes in true love. Charlotte is exploring to find her "prince charming," nothing is going to get in the way of her finding “the one” to get married and start a family. Her relationship throughout the series concludes of a long-term, monogamous boyfriend. The other women base their relationships mostly on lust

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