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  • Meerkat Asocial Learning

    Background: When it comes to social and developmental learning in individual Meerkats and groups of Meerkats there are many things that come into play. There have been debates as to the evolutionary origins of culture for identifying learning mechanisms in wild, natural populations. Meerkats are small carnivore animals that belong to the mongoose family. One thing that differs them from a lot of other mammals is one Meerkat often contains a clan of about 20-50 members. Throughout time Meerkats foraging patterns and learning mechanisms have evolved and changed. The purpose of this study is to see if Meerkats learning mechanisms have evolved based on outside factors or if they were developed and evolved based on social and asocial learning…

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  • Captive Meerkats Essay

    Sentry behaviour in captive meerkats (Suricata suricatta) Amy Spies 746773 Abstract Sentry duty is an important social behaviour in which guards scan the surrounding area for potential threats. In species such as meerkats, this behaviour is so instinctive that they continue to perform it even in captivity. The aim of this study was to establish an understanding of the sentry behaviour in captive meerkats. This was done by observing meerkats in the Johannesburg Zoo and…

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  • Summary Of Goddie And Dakota Froze Like Meerkats On Tv

    A simile is when two different objects are compared using like or as. Strasser writes, “Jodie and Dakota froze like meerkats on TV” (20). The author chose to use a simile to show how Jodie and Dakota froze like meerkats on TV. The word like is the word that shows a simile is being used in this quote. In this part of the story, Callie is having a flashback, as she is at her friend Katherine’s house. The girls are talking about true love, and if they have ever experienced it before. In addition,…

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  • Yann Martel's Life Of Pi: Literary Analysis

    There is one sunken ship and one boy, Pi, in a lifeboat stranded in the pacific ocean, but there are two extreme stories of survival. Which is the better and true story? The first story tells of the boy surviving in the lifeboat filled with dangerous wild beasts and him visiting a carnivorous island where the only animals were meerkats. The second story tells of the boy on the lifeboat with three other survivors but, one turns cannibalistic and consumes the two other passengers. In the book Life…

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  • Life Of Pi Sunflower Quotes

    by the boy in class is simply just a plain black t-shirt, yet there is so much more to these items than there seems. The sunflower can be the essence of life, representing longevity and the importance of happiness, and the black t-shirt can really represent the feeling of sorrow and being an outcast in the midst of a conformed society. With many items there is more to them than meets the eye; they have multiple meanings or interpretations to them. Throughout the book Life of Pi there is a…

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  • Pi Empathic Response Essay

    How is it that an entire set of human teeth can be found on this island in leaf balls? Looks like I must test it out then. Picking up a meerkat, I dropped it. Jesus please forgive me. The meerkat immediately dashed for the tree and headed back to its original resting place. The poor meerkat seemed so disorientated and scared. This cannot be true. I must test it out for myself. I descended using the rope and attempted to touch the ground. Nothing’s happening. It feels fine. Ouch! Ouch! I pulled…

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  • Artifice In The Scarlet Letter Essay

    However, this is not true. Animals in the wild are also guilty of this with the use of camouflage and mimicry for survival purposes. The Fork-Tailed Drongo bird can mimic the call of meerkat predators, as well as the warning call of the meerkat, which they use to steal meerkat prey. The Lyre Bird can mimic almost any sound, including water, engines, cameras, and other birds. The Cuckoo bird mimics the call of a hawk to scare off smaller birds from their nest, allowing the Cuckoo to destroy the…

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  • Comparison Of Edinburgh Zoo And Light Water Valley Attraction

    The Edinburgh Zoo Webpage use images of meerkats as the background of their webpage. They used images of meerkats because they are rare and cute animals. This suggests that the zoo offers you to experience and discover rare animals, animals that you normally wouldn’t see. Parents especially would feel excited to take their families to see an animal that they’ve never seen before; this also includes endangered animals such as pandas. The Edinburgh zoo webpage use images of meerkats looking…

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  • Life Of Pi Literary Analysis

    From another perspective, his thesis could be interpreted as a post-modem literature that criticizes man’s contributions to Global warming. For example, the protagonist’s deification of nature is an allegory for the consumer’s inability to foreshadow the environmental consequences of their action.Whereas, the animal’s predatory instinct is an allegory for the natural catastrophes in the world resulting from Global warming. In retrospect, Matel provides an alternative solution in his book. In…

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  • Simmons World Challenge Reflection

    It triggers so many happy memories made with my team and with the other students, that it's hard to narrow it down. I think the most fun moment with my team was when we were struggling understanding one graph because the percents did not add up to 100. As Shelby and I discussed what we thought the graph meant for over an hour, Victoria was searching for other studies and graphs to replace the one we didn’t understand. Victoria started to read off 5 things that one study thought to lead to civic…

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