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  • Personal Narrative: My Iranian Culture

    As an Iranian American I have been exposed to a novel world containing accomplishments and setbacks. Both of my parents are Immigrants from Iran, and with them, they brought their culture and hard-working principles. As a child, my parents taught me the importance of understanding and being aware of your background. By teaching me the language, history, and culture of Iran, I learned where I came from and developed a stronger connection between my parents and myself. I developed an even better foundation of persian culture as I went through 9 years of Farsi school. In the captivating time I was at Fari school, I overcame obstacles as I mastered writing, reading, and history of Iran. I faced a setback that held me back from efficiently learning the language; I began having difficulty advancing my vocabulary and properly conversing. I made it my mission to get more comfortable speaking the language itself. Every day after high school, I would come home to discuss my day in Farsi with my parents. For weeks I sat with my parents 30 minutes a day talking about anything that came to my mind. Through constant reinforcement and practice, I developed pride and…

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  • Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Analytical Essay

    Satrapi uses her own form of artistry and drawing to establish tone through literal imagery. Her artistic style is represented specifically in the splash panels, where she is able to incorporate Iranian culture into her writing. When the Shah of Iran resignes, the collage of Iranian people elated with the news shows men and women all with elaborately patterned shirts and gowns, all holding up peace signs. (42/1) Although you can write a description of what Satrapi is trying to represent in…

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  • Iranian Immigrants

    United States population is made of immigrants from other countries such as England, Ireland, French, Spain, Russia, and lot more. As time passed, the number or immigrants started to increase. Some of these immigrations were for pleasure as others were forced. Not all of them have the same reasons. This paper focuses on the less known immigrants from Middle East, Iranian, and the reason why they immigrated to the United States. Iran is a very small country, with a population of nearly eighty-…

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  • Modernity In Iran Essay

    The notion of ‘modernity’ brings with it connotations of individualism, secularism, rationalism, and democracy. Its emphasis on personal freedoms and the abandonment of tradition make it somewhat incompatible with faith-based societies, which place more value upon community and piety. Certainly this rings true in the case of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The swift and wide-reaching social and economic changes instituted by Shah Pahlavi were at odds with Iran’s traditional, Islamic culture.…

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  • Perseplois

    1.The significance in the setting in Perseplois, tells the reader the mood, attitude, and nature of the story. Physical setting takes place in Iran. Temporal setting is during a culture revolution; “In 1979 a revolution took place. It was later called ‘The Islamic Revolution’.” Social environment takes its role as the people of Iran protest and object the transition taking place in their homeland; “Things started to degenerate. The Army shot at them. And they threw stones at the army.” The…

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  • Marjane Satrapi Bildungsroman Analysis

    As a child, you assume life will last forever; you have grand aspirations. The death of her friend Neda not only ignites a rebellion within Marjane, but it ultimately compels her to leave Iran. Unfortunately, the unpredictable tragedy ended Neda’s life and dreams of wealth and romance. In reaction to Neda’s sudden death, Marjane states: “my life took a new turn. In 1984, I was fourteen and a rebel. Nothing scared me anymore” (143). The death leads Marjane to appreciate every moment and take…

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  • Iranian Revolution Research Paper

    Name, date and location of Revolution: The Iranian Revolution in Iran starting in, September, 1978, and ending in February, 1979. Who Revolted?: The citizens of Iran revolted against the Shah 's police when the shah “alienate the clergy” thus taking away religion and pushing a westernized culture on a population that was 99% islamic (BBC). Many the women and youth revolted against the Shah.The Iranian women revolted, because they were against the veil. The government made them wear the veil…

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  • Shah Pahlavi's Downfall

    Imagine living in Iran in 1970. It was a time of great boom and great bust. There was much wealth to be had from oil production, and at times things were very prosperous. This prosperity was overshadowed though, by the many socio-economic failures of the Shah. His unwise use of power and his greed made Iran a country ripe for revolution. By 1979 the stage was set for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who because of cunning historical and political maneuverings was able to use politics, religion, and…

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  • An Analysis Of Shirin Ibadi's Iran Awakening

    years, this paper emphasizes the first part of Shirin Ebadi’s life in Iran leading up to the Islamic Revolution. During Shirin Ibadi’s early life, she did not recognize that her family was distinct from other Iranian families. Growing up with sisters and a brother, her parents raised them equally, regardless of gender. Assuming that this was a customary family structure in Iran, she did not question her…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Iranian Women

    Some women have been killed for disobeying these rules. If someone has told you any of these things, then you might be an Iranian woman. Since most people can remember not just Iranian women but women in the Middle East have had a difficult life. A lot of these women do not have their basic human rights. Sure things have gotten a little better over time but they are still way far behind and it’s not right. And sure there is still a problem with women’s rights and the sexism all over the world,…

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