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  • Chocolate Milk Persuasive Speech

    And the world’s best drink award goes to.... the obvious, chocolate milk! Why, you might ask? Because chocolate milk is healthy, it’s a great drink after any type of workout, and it tastes great. So, if you are considering banning chocolate milk in your school, remember, your students and the award that we gave chocolate milk for being such a great drink! But, if you’re still not convinced, here’s some more good information about why we need to continue serving chocolate milk in schools. One reason that schools should continue serving chocolate milk is because it’s healthy. Chocolate milk contains the same 9 essential nutrients as plain white milk. Some of those nutrients are Vitamins A, D, E, calcium, and protein. Chocolate milk also only…

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  • Milk Chocolate Research Paper

    Chocolate Chocolate is the snack that everyone enjoys but why those who are lactose intolerant can’t enjoy it as well? What does chocolate really contain? Does it have some ingredient that we should worry about? Why can’t a dog digest chocolate? Is there a way for someone who is lactose intolerant to digest milk chocolate without having any negative effects? It is said that chocolate comes from a cocoa bean but how is it transformed into a delicious chocolate bar? Many civilians love to devour…

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  • Chocolate Milk Research Paper

    We need chocolate milk, chocolate milk gives us are three daily servings of dairy. Therefor dairy is important for kids that are still growing.I demand we have chocolate milk here at Nickels Intermediate. We need to have it at Nickels because chocolate milk has nutrients that we need. It's also better for you than sport drinks and soda, and chocolate milk taste better than white milk. Chocolate milk is packed with nutrients we need. For example chocolate milk has calcium in it. This is…

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  • Banning Chocolate Milk In Schools

    Some school districts have banned chocolate milk, such as the Los Angeles Unified School District. However, they shouldn’t have! Chocolate milk shouldn’t be banned in schools because students may stop drinking any milk if chocolate milk is banned, it helps people exercise, and it has good nutritional value. The first reason why I think that chocolate milk shouldn’t be banned in schools is because students may stop drinking milk altogether if chocolate milk is banned. According to Andy Hanks(who…

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  • Milk Chocolate Case Study

    I chose to reduce the amount of Milk Chocolate by 15gs because it contains a lot of sugar and i would like to reduce that. So to substitute i increased the amount of Plain Chocolate chips which contain less sugar yet they also provide some sweetness. I decided to add a handful of raspberries because they will add some nutrition to the dessert, as well as add a complimentary sour flavour. I decided the tart and ganache should have a slight red colour because it makes it look a little more edgy…

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  • The Persuasive Essay Of Banning Chocolate Milk

    Did you know that if schools ban chocolate milk, kids will consume 10% less milk? I believe that schools should not ban chocolate milk, because it has nutrients and less unhealthy things than what other flavored drinks have, it’s a good recovery drink after a workout, and kids get good habits and won’t be happy if schools ban this beloved drink. First of all, chocolate milk has nutrients and less unhealthy things that other flavored drinks have. But many parents and teachers disagree, saying…

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  • Keep Chocolate Milk Persuasive Essay

    Chocolate Milk: The Drink of Debate Many schools have banned chocolate milk in effort to reduce the amount of sugar in students’ diets, while others are facing heavy pressure to rid themselves of the flavored milk as well. The main reason for these bans has to do with the spike in child obesity over the last decade, and many critics are arguing that obesity is related to having chocolate milk at lunch. Others argue that chocolate milk has more health benefits than regular milk, while many agree…

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  • Reasons Why Chocolate Milk Should Be In Schools

    Do you love the creamy chocolate goodness at school? Of course you do! Find out more reasons why you should love it in this paragraph. I claim, milk should be in schools since it's healthy and good. Also, milk is good for you and milk is cheaper option and something kids love. Some people think milk isn’t good for you but I think otherwise. In the end, everyone should feel that milk should be in schools. Chocolate milk is very healthy. To start off, chocolate milk should be in schools. A…

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  • Should Chocolate Milk Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    think chocolate milk should be served in schools? Well I do! Chocolate milk is delicious and nutritious. Schools are thinking about taking this superb beverage out of the cafeteria! One reason I think chocolate milk should be sold in schools because it has the same nutrients as regular milk. Some of these nutrients are, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. Getting these nutrients is important for your health. You might be wondering how they are important, well here's why. When adults…

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  • Chocolate Milk Refuels Muscles After Workout By Charlene Laino Summary

    In the article “Chocolate Milk Refuels Muscles After Workout” by Charlene Laino, it talks about how chocolate milk can help you replenish and rebuild your muscles after a good workout. Can fat free chocolate milk really refuel your muscles after a workout according to Charlene Laino it’s a good drink to pick up after you get to done with your workout. This study was held to see if fat free chocolate milk could help your muscles was performed on 8 men that were athletically fit. The men ate a…

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