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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship Experience At The Quicken Loans Arena

    internship experience at the Quicken Loans Arena was amazing I was extremely honored to get the opportunity to work as an intern for this organization since I already work at this organization as a GSR Ticket Taker. It really was a great experience for me and I can say thank you to the Quicken Loans Arena for allowing me to have this incredible experience. Organization Overview The Quicken Loans Arena, originally known as "The Q", is a multi-purpose arena downtown in Cleveland, Ohio, The building is the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lake Erie Monsters, and the Cleveland Gladiators Football League. The Quicken Loans Arena seats about 20,562 individuals in the arena and up to 20,056 for the ice hockey, making it the third…

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  • Comparing Lebron James And Nike's Advertisements

    a small basketball game with a group of teens and each of the players are wearing the Nike basketball shoes to continue the advertising. At the end of the day, they finish up their route at LeBron’s house and LeBron says, “Cool guys, tomorrow.” At the start of the second advertisement, LeBron James walks into the Quicken Loans Arena before the start of a Cavaliers game. The audience is screaming and cheering for LeBron while a quick shot of his Nike basketball shoes is shown. LeBron says to his…

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  • Deep Play In Sports

    city’s urban community and its arena is correlated to their economic and political power (Schimmel, 2006, p.161,) of that city and its sports team(s). This article has practical importance because this article brings awareness to broad audiences that the addition or renovations of sports stadiums can be beneficial for a city; nevertheless, it is more beneficial for those within the affluent communities while it has dire and costly consequences for those living in the surrounding urban…

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  • Will Davis Early Life

    Growing up in Kentucky, a love for Kentucky basketball comes naturally. Will Davis has been a die-hard fan since he was just a baby. He loved Kentucky basketball more than anything, it was his life. Nothing made him happier than Kentucky winning, and nothing hurt him worse when they lost. He watched every game with his dad. When he was just a young boy, he vowed that he would one day wear those eight letters across his chest and play in front of the 23,000 rowdy Kentucky fanatics in Rupp…

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  • Venetian Stereotypes In Othello

    distrust in his identity make it harder for him to carry it out. He attempts to be both a Venetian military leader and a Christian and loving husband to Desdemona. These two roles turn out to be too much for Othello. This struggle makes him more vulnerable to other people’s opinions. Iago uses this weakness to get into Othello’s head and manipulate him. Othello “O curse of marriage, that we can call these delicate creatures ours and not their appetites! I had rather be a toad and live upon the…

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  • The Glass Tower Quotes

    The outcomes of being untrue are always the same. In “The Glass Tower” by Reinaldo Arenas, Alfredo, the main character, escapes his native country and currently lives in Miami. Tirelessly he goes to endless parties in his honor while being unable to write a story involving characters that beg him to write them down. Alfredo attends a big party where his characters, floating in his head, appear to come alive and do as they please. Alfredo’s identity is lacking and ungenuine due to his struggle…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Monetary Procurement

    However, borrowing money from a financial institution in the form of a loan still presents both positive and negative aspects for the entrepreneur. On the positive end of the spectrum, the chief benefit of a loan from a financial institution is the ability to obtain a large sum of money in an expedient period of time for the land, the building, the construction, as well as, the operation expenses one incurs. Additionally, these institutions have the ability to lend greater sums of money than do…

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  • Credit Structure And Fall Of The Great Depression

    The combination of the low consumer demand and new technologies that allowed farmers to produce more resulting in overproduction meant that the crops would be sold much cheaper than usual. Agricultural production was to great for the Markets to handle, the farmers could not earn enough profit to compensate for the price of production. The farmers, now deep in debt from the newer technology like tractors as well as land purchases, could not pay off their loans because they did not make a decent…

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  • Repaying Student Loans

    I graduated from law school in 2011 with $206k in student loan debt. Since then, I’ve paid down my debt to $131k. While it is still a work in progress, there is so much that I have learned over the last few years. If you are like me and have student loans, then there will come a time when those loans will come due. Whether you are just graduating college or whether you are a few years out and you are just getting around to it, getting organized and planning for repayment are the first steps in…

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  • Obligated To Pay Back

    service or good. However promises, as we know, are not always kept. Similarly debt are not always paid back in full. A debt that I would have no problem paying back in full would be a loan from a family member. A debt I would have no problem not paying back is a government loan to a company to keep that company open. An example of this type of debt is GM. And finally a type of debt I don’t know whether or not I would pay back is a bank loan on a foreclosed home. In these cases what matter is who…

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