May Day

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  • The Haymarket Massacre

    Pinkerton agents, who were hired by McCormick Harvesting Plant to break up protests, had thrown the bomb to control protesting workers and to discredit the labor movement as only wanting to hurt people. Governor Altgeld said at the trial “the bomb was, in all probability, thrown by someone seeking personal revenge” (Soucek 55). Another important point is that May 1 is international May Day, a holiday celebrating the lives lost in the labor movement. Sadly, President Cleveland though celebrating May 1 would cause everyone to remember the riots and the communist factor, so he moved it to September, our current labor day (Steven 1). It’s sad that there’s always that underlying fear of revolt, even though everywhere else in the world celebrates May 1 as May Day. There are some very arguable points to the side that the Haymarket Affair only hindered the labor rights…

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  • Analysis Of Seven Days In May

    The U.S. did not trust the Russians. The Soviets would not live up to their end of the treaty and thus leave the U.S unprotected. This can be seen in the movie, Seven Days in May. The president signs a nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviet Union, which is unpopular with the American Citizens. A Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff plots to become president through conspiracy. Even a U.S. Senator is kidnapped and held captive. Although Seven Days in May is only a movie, it represents how…

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  • Mothers Of The Plaza De Mayo Analysis

    The Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo were direct victims of oppression. They were not only obvious victims of violence, but also victims of gender exploitation, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism as described by social justice theorist Iris Young. After reading Marguerite Bouvards “Taking space: Women and Political Power,” I have concluded that powerlessness can in fact be overcome, civil disobedience can work to bring awareness to grievances, and a three part strategy, as outlined by David…

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  • Social Media And Politics

    Whether the feedback on a particular subject is positive or negative, the politician is able to know what voters think. Social media allows them to know how the public is responding to an issue and how they can adjust to appeal more to people. On September 17, 2015 Green Party leader Elizabeth May was left out of the election debate, because of social media she was still able to participate. She posted her rebuttals on Twitter during the debate in order to get her ideas across and get…

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody Controversy

    If vocal transparency alone can determine whether or not someone is the greatest singer of all time, then Freddie Mercury wins again. If one listens to Robert Plant sing “Custard Pie”, one may be lucky to pick up two out of every five words that are sung, but when you listen to Freddie Mercury sing one can clearly hear every word that is sung. Let us not forget that every band has at least one song where you cant clearly hear what is being sung, but no one has ever had the problem of…

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  • Factors Affecting Brian

    these things. From the stereotypes above it may suggest that he did not know how to clean or he felt it was not his job to clean even though he signed the agreement. Brian had a job which he lost in the two week period; he may have not felt he could handle completing the cleaning, cooking and going to work all at the same time. This again may have been due to him having very traditionally views that women should complete household chores and he should only work. Therefore, he may have thought…

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  • Theme Of Aids Poem By May Sarton

    May Sarton wrote a poem about AIDS and how having this disease can affect our lives and a loved one’s life. With this disease it sets limits on not only you but of others. She not only portrays it in a negative context but also creates an image of how we can open up to others. AIDS is a disease that not only brings out the fear in people but those who they encounter. AIDS has been out since the 1980 but people still see it as something new. Sarton’s poem repeats words, and emphasize on AIDS.…

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  • Poem Analysis: Mothers Of The Plaza De Mayo

    between these two groups. In her book Revolutionizing Motherhood: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo she writes “Against the military values of hierarchy, obedience, and the unchecked use of physical force, the Mother practiced pacifism, cooperation, and mutual love.” These forces are the exact antithesis of the other; one dehumanizes and the other memorializes. This group of women, fueled by their undying love for their children, became the most significant force of opposition to the violent…

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  • How Did Willie Mays Accomplish The American Dream

    determination, and initiative. Although living in a very discriminated time, Willie Mays did accomplish the American Dream by achieving his desired aims and having determination to fulfill his everyday fantasies. His father, Cat Mays, was a talented baseball player with the Negro team for the local iron plant. His mother, Annie Satterwhite, was a gifted basketball and track star in high school. As a baby, Mays was cared for by his mother's and younger sisters Sarah and Ernestine. Sarah became…

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  • An Essay On Queen Informative Speech

    Queen Queen is a band that not many people really know about, but everybody has heard of. Many people have heard of some of their most famous hits which is mostly played at sports games. Queen was famous in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Queen is known for always putting on a show when they performed in concert for their fans. “The epitome of pomp-rock in the seventies and Eighties, Queen rocked radio and sports stadiums alike with booming, highly produced anthems like ‘We Are the…

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